Fantasy NBA: Underrated/Overrated Avenue: Part 3

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Underrated- Samuel Dalembert

Dalembert is the second Sixer to show up here on the underrated portion of Underrated/Overrated Avenue (Andre Miller from part one).  I view Dalembert as underrated due to his value where he gets drafted.

Dalembert doesn't knock your socks off with huge numbers, but numbers that help your team out more than they hurt.  Last year Dalembert averaged 10.5 ppg, 10.3 boards, 2.3 blocks, shot 51% from the field, and hit 71% of his free throws.

According to ESPN's Average Draft Positions (ADP), Dalembert is going at pick 95. 

A double-double player with 2+ blocks a game at pick 95?  That's value.

Players being drafted ahead of Dalembert: Jamario Moon (93), Anthony Parker (90), Shane Battier (87), and David Lee (80).

While these are solid NBA players, none of which are better fantasy options than Dalembert.  Moon's minutes will see a significant drop with the addition of Jermaine O'Neil.  Parker and Battier are fringe fantasy options.

David Lee puts up a double-double as well but averages less than half a block a game.

Dalembert should be taken about 20 picks ahead of where he is but if you were to get him at pick 95, you won't be sorry.

Overrated- Mike Dunleavy

For years Dunleavy was considered a solid basketball player but not really more than that.  Until last year.

If you take away last years 19ppg outburst you will have a player who averaged more than 13 ppg just once in five years.

Dunleavy's ADP is 37.  That's a bit high for a person with just one good year under his belt and frankly, he doesn't have a very high upside.

Some guys being taken after Dunleavy: David West (40), Kevin Martin (42), Michael Redd (45), Andre Miller (50).

Each of these guys outperformed Dunleavy last year and are still being drafted behind him. 

With the lack of potential for an even bigger season out of Dunleavy, wouldn't you rather have a guy like Martin who is the lone stud on his King's team?  How about a high scoring forward with Chris Paul dishing him the ball? 

Dunleavy would be a solid pick around pick 60.  Going at pick 37 is way too high.  Don't take that risk.

I know I won't.