LSU's Losses Lead to Brighter Days

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

There is no doubt that the LSU Tigers have top quality athletes.  What they don't have is a top quality defensive coordinator.  The loss of Bo Pelini is beginning to prove to be one of the biggest losses for the Tigers this season. 


CBS's Gary Danielson who covered the LSU-Georgia game was able to predict the plays and outcomes, on Georgia's offensive series. He nailed it every time.  Danielson was a quarterback, and a good one. Matt Stafford and Tim Tebow have proved that quality college quarterbacks will be able to read the Tiger defense. 


LSU's coaches have not been able to put players in positions to make plays; in fact the lack of deception has taken players out of position, and given up big plays. They need to disguise coverages and blitzes better, in other words they have to do a better job of coaching.


It's been a long time since LSU's defense was known for predictability.  Bo Pelini and Nick Saban were masters at developing schemes that would keep opposing quarterbacks on their heels.  Those quarterbacks never knew where the pressure was coming from. The long term answer maybe to search for another Pelini.  


Another sorely missed Tiger is Matt Flynn. The point is that the Tigers are missing an experienced quarterback. Miscues are common for a young quarterback.  Unfortunately, Jarrett Lee may be approaching the record for interceptions thrown for touchdowns at LSU.   


With experience comes improvement and Lee has already shown that he has a load of talent. He has orchestrated come from behind wins, an ability championship quarterbacks need. My advise to Tiger fans is to be patient. 


The quarterback play will improve with time. Lee did lead LSU to score 38 points on a quality Georgia defense, and is ranked second behind Tebow in quarterback rating. The future is bright there.  Just ask Mr. Danielson.


If LSU had won the Georgia game, the Tigers would still be considered a contender for the national championship.  It is very hard to repeat as national champions, but if hard times hit to a bunch of top ten teams, who knows.  


Remember, LSU is the first University to have won two BCS championships. The next university to accomplish this crosses the line second in that race.  When these issues are solved the Tigers may be the first school to have third BCS National Championship very soon. 


Geaux Tigers!