Mike Leach's Rarified Air: A Tribute to Texas Tech's Unflappable Coach

John BaucumCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Texas Tech hosts the University of Texas Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium. The Red Raiders have a chance at an historic moment. A win dramatically increases Tech’s chances of playing for their first Big 12 Championship and also keeps the door wide open for the Red Raiders to play for the national title

Previous seasons featured losses to inferior teams and an occasional meltdown against Oklahoma or Texas. We’ve not seen that this season. Mike Leach’s crew has won all its games.

It should also be noted that were it not for a questionable decision by Tulsa to cancel a game in the offseason, there would likely be one less undefeated team and one more feather in Texas Tech’s cap.

Mike Leach, the creative mastermind of the most entertaining offense in college football, is the man responsible. He carves up opposing defenses faster than Rosie O’Donnell handles a Thanksgiving turkey.

Leach’s uniquely aggressive play calling and superior eye for talent has the Red Raiders in position to shake the foundation of America’s infatuation with “traditional” offenses.

For his part, the venerable Captain of Texas Tech’s pirate ship has been diplomatic when defending his players against the “system” label.

The simple fact is this: Every bit of praise heaped upon Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, Doak Walker, and the rest of history’s best running backs should be equally directed to Texas Tech’s growing list of standout receivers and signal-callers.

It should also come as no shock that Coach Leach is willing to take his team anywhere. The caveat is that whoever accepts that challenge must also make a return visit to the South Plains. Few have been willing to discuss playing Texas Tech under those circumstances, and even fewer have agreed to such terms.

In reality, this says more about the temerity of other major college football teams than it does about Texas Tech. But prior to Leach, when was the last time college football’s best were afraid to visit the Hub City?

Texas Tech is on to something here. Mike Leach is as special as they come. Even if the Red Raiders don’t win another game this season, no one can deny Leach’s impact on college football.

In a time of coach speak and hidden agendas, Leach has been football’s breath of fresh air and its resident savant. If you run into Leach around Lubbock this week, ask him about movies or your favorite historical figure—he’s already mastered college football.