DJ's NBA Power Poll: Lakers and Celtics Lead The Charge

Dustin JohnsonCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Can Kobe repeat as the league MVP with so much talent around him? Can the Boston Three-party once again hoist the championship banner?

These questions will be answered in the months to come. One thing is for sure, NBA fans, is that it's time to get rocking and let the play do the talking. I will continue this power poll every one to two weeks during the season.

So without further ado, here is the first version of DJ's NBA Power Poll.

  1. Boston Celtics - This is an argument as old as time, but it applies: In order to be the best, you got to beat the best.
  2. Los Angeles Lakers - Reigning MVP Kobe is poised to give Phil Jackson his tenth championship ring.
  3. Utah Jazz - Deron Williams is the driver that makes Jerry Sloan's Offensive scheme purr like a Tiger.
  4. New Orleans Hornets - CP3 will resume where he left off last season. Leading these young Hornets to a top three record in the west.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron James is now running with an upgraded team, and that should mean serious contender status.
  6. San Antonio Spurs - The Spurs won't improve, due to aging problems, but they shouldn't decline too far either.
  7. Detroit Pistons - C-Bill and the Pistons are still top-three in the East and contenders for the crown.
  8. Phoenix Suns - Another aging team that might have just enough to make another deep postseason run.
  9. Toronto Raptors - Adding Jermaine O'Neal moves this team into a whole new company of contenders
  10. Houston Rockets - Normally with the move for Ron Artest I would have put the Rockets higher, but I don't trust Yao and McGrady to stay healthy.
  11. Philadelphia 76ers - The move to bring in Elton Brand plus learning youngest makes this team dangerous.
  12. Portland Trailblazers - Speaking of young and dangerous. Oden, Roy, Aldridge—'nuff said, eh?
  13. Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard fills in the lane and keeps Orlando in the lead in the Southeast.
  14. Dallas Mavericks - Call me crazy, but I just don't believe in this team. Maybe it is because Dirk just can't step up.
  15. Miami Heat - D-Wade played great in the Olympics and should have this team much better than last year.
  16. Denver Nuggets - Traded Marcus Camby for the right to swap second-round picks next year? What the?
  17.  Los Angeles Clippers- If Baron Davis can stay healthy. These new-look Clippers should see the playoffs this year.
  18. Chicago Bulls - These ain't Jordan's Bulls. Saying that they should see the playoffs as the lower half of the East is weak.
  19. Atlanta Hawks - A young team that needs more seasoning before making any statements.
  20. Golden State Warriors - Warriors are a mixture of young and old. Usually not a very good mix. Although Corey Maggette should thrive.
  21. Milwaukee Bucks - Micheal Redd will still shoot the Bucks into winning some games this year.
  22. Washington Wizards - If Agent Zero is out longer than expected, then the Wiz-kids can kiss this season goodbye.
  23. New Jersey Nets - This is one team that could move up the rankings with some help from the young guys.
  24. Indiana Pacers - This is now Danny Granger's team, but he still needs some help.
  25. Sacramento Kings - K-Mart and the rest of the Kings have a long season ahead of them.
  26. Minnesota Timberwolves - Season two in the post-KG era doesn't look too much better.
  27. Charlotte Bobcats - This team is a mess. Look for some trades to go down before the deadline.
  28. Memphis Grizzlies - The addition of Mayo should help—but how much?
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder - I would rank these guys last just for abandoning Seattle, but New York gets it.
  30. New York Knicks - This team gets the award for being worst-overall for the last 10 years.

Well, folks, there is the first list—just in time for the season to start. Good luck to all the teams, and let's hope for some great games this year!