Enigmatic Debate: Capitol Punishment Predictions, CM Punk's Replacement, MITB

RiZESenior Writer IJune 18, 2011

Enigmatic Debate: Capitol Punishment Predictions, CM Punk's Replacement, MITB

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    As I’ve stated numerous times before, debates are healthy and a natural part of being in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC). With each passing week, there’s a set of outrageous, factual, or unexpected news, to hit B/R from dirt sheets. Naturally, most of the IWC flock to the comment section to voice our opinions on the subject at hand.

    Whether it’s to display our markism or just to defend/bash the subject at hand, there’s no denying that we listen to these news breaks.

    Besides the common news breaks, the actions of WWE Creative tend to drive us to the brink of insanity. As they drive the thing we love the most in to obscurity, our emotions tend to get the best of us, and as a member of the IWC, where do we go to let them out?

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    Three months ago, I began posting a slideshow discussing numerous wrestling related topics.

    Known as the Drive/Off, I enlisted the help of fellow B/R Writers.

    This time around, the Enigmatic Debate will feature numerous writers from the Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling site.

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Capitol Punishment Predictions

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    CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

    Rize: I’ve seen this match numerous times since last year. The thing is, at this time last year, these guys were feuding on SmackDown. I enjoyed 2010’s version more because its build up was proper and lacked the elements and basis for an entertaining feud. This version of this feud was spontaneous and seems as if it’s a filler match.

    Simply put, the WWE didn’t have any plans for Punk or Rey and decided to place these two together.

    In the end, Rey Mysterio will win simply because the WWE is stripping CM Punk’s credibility before he departs.

    Ryan Frye: Simple: With rumors on CM Punk’s departure running rampant, the WWE plays it safe and gives Mysterio the win.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

    John Cavanagh: This match is going to be a shockingly entertaining one. Not that they weren’t entertaining before, but we’ve seen it SO many times. CM Punk is being given a slight push as of late and will probably be elevated into a feud with John Cena after this. For that to happen, Punk has to win.

    Winner: CM Punk

    Charlie Groenewegen: Rey Mysterio will beat CM Punk. I don’t understand why they revived this feud now on RAW, but I guess it’s working. Rey will win for the fact that Punk is what, 1-17 on pay-per-view? Also, the fact that Punk is still considering to take time off of the WWE is another reason for his defeat. If the guy wants to leave why would Vinnie Mac give him a win here?

    Wade Barrett © vs. Ezekiel Jackson

    Rize: I don’t have to explain this one. This feud has become stale as a result of poor booking. With that said, it’s almost elementary to have Ezekiel Jackson pick up the win.

    Ryan Frye:  With the Corre’s breakup, the writing is on the wall for this match: Ezekiel Jackson will become the new Intercontinental Champion.

    Wade Barrett’s stint as champion has been nothing short of dull and dissapointing to me. We have seen him beat Kofi Kingston in a feud that was quite frankly over before it got started. And then, this feud came about, and Jackson and Barrett’s in-ring styles just don’t mesh well.

    At Capitol Punishment, Jackson will win, and hopefully, Wade Barrett can move onto bigger and better things.

    Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

    John Cavanagh: What should’ve ended a month ago, will most likely end now. This feud has not even seemed relevant. The buildup has been strange if you would like to call it that. Hopefully, this will give Jackson the title he has long waited for and move Barrett into the main event scene.

    Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

    Charlie Groenewegen: With The Corre officially over, I suspect Barrett to lose his Intercontinental Championship. Almost every match, Barrett had involved a Corre run-in. Without The Corre, Barrett should drop his title to Zeke and move on and start a real singles career. Alone.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

    RiZE: This is the worst feud of the year.  This feud forces me to long for the days when WWE Creative knew how to create proper build up for a feud. The build revolved around numerous backstage run in’s between the two. When Ricardo ran over Big Show’s leg, I expected him to be out for at least a month.

    Just two weeks later, he’s running to the ring as if it never happened.

    Now, he’s on a rampage destroying everything in his path as Del Rio eggs him on.

    Sounds familiar?

    Big Show destroyed CM Punk in a similar feud last year.

    I expect the same result Sunday was Big Show will knock Alberto out. If not, I expect Alberto Del Rio to win by disqualification. 

    Ryan Frye: Allow me to say; this has to be the WWE’s dumbest storyline of the year.

    A. Big Show gets ran over by a car. We then have him roaring on the ground for (a very awkward) ten minutes, and Kane (the supposed monster) showing sympathy.

    B. Upon his return, Show isn’t limping or anything of the sort. Heck, he isn’t even walking. He’s sprinting like McDonalds is about to close! Once again, Kane shows sympathy while pulling Show off Ricardo Rodriguez saying; “Show, you’re gonna kill him!” But, doesn’t Kane love to inflict pain?

    At the least, couldn’t Big Show and Kane switched roles in this feud? It would have made a little more sense.

    Anyway, Del Rio has to win just to save face, and so he isn’t completely buried.

    John Cavanagh: Beating Big Show is a big thing these days. He has been known to bury every opponent he has faced since his face turn. CM Punk and Wade Barrett were two victims, but Del Rio will not be one of them. He needs a big victory here.
    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    Charlie Groenewegen: Big Show is back with revenge on his mind after Ricardo Rodriguez ran him over in the parking lot. I think Del Rio will pick up a cheap victory here for the sake of the feud.

    Kofi Kingston © vs. Dolph Ziggler

    RiZE:  Like CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, this match has occurred numerous times. Honestly, I’m frustrated with Creative as far as this match goes. It doesn’t offer anything storyline basis. It seems as if the WWE didn’t have any plans for either so Creative placed them in this match.

    In the end, Dolph Ziggler will win like always.

    Why? Kofi doesn't have too many guys to challenge for his U.S. Championship.

    Ryan Frye:  Ugh… Haven’t we seen this movie before?

    Ziggler and Kingston had a series of great matches on SmackDown, but why do we need to rehash something that’s already been done?

    Well, the same is the case for the CM Punk/Rey Mysterio match also on this card.

    As far as the winner, this is pretty much a toss up. If he wins, who would Kofi feud with?

    Swagger? McIntyre?

    Knowing the WWE, I’d say Ziggler will win, so we can milk what little juice is left between these two.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    John Cavanagh: Ziggler was put into this feud to make the US Title more prestigious and keep Kofi Kingston from falling down the ladder. Kofi will retain in a match that will just make him look strong.
    Winner: Kofi Kingston

    Charlie Groenewegen: Dolph Ziggler should beat Kofi. Why? I’m a Ziggler mark.

    The Miz vs. Alex Riley

    RiZE: This feud is the most intriguing on the card. Alex Riley’s face turn was executed perfectly while Miz has a feud to maintain the spotlight while out of the WWE title picture. That being said, Miz is a seasoned veteran while Riley was his lacky a month ago.

    The WWE will attempt to stretch this feud out until SummerSlam.

    Therefore, I think Miz will win this match with a cheap tactic.

    Ryan Frye: Considering Riley has had the upper hand thus far, I will go with WWE logic here. Which would be—go over on TV and lose at the pay-per-view.

    I expect this to last longer, with the end result of Alex Riley (finally) getting his singles pay-per-view victory.

    Winner: The Miz

    John Cavanagh: The Miz has made Alex Riley’s face turn into a huge success. This feud will last a long time to keep Riley in a high-profile feud, and keep Miz busy. To keep this feud new and interesting, A-Ry needs to win this one.
    Winner: Alex Riley

    Charlie Groenewegen: I think The Miz will defeat his former protege in our Nation’s Capitol. Will he defeat Riley cleanly? Of course not! A dirty victory will garner Miz some heat, give Riley some support and add a little fire to this feud.

    World Heavyweight Championship:
    Randy Orton © vs. Christian

    RiZE: When I learned of Orton’s legitimate concussion, I gave Christian a small chance of winning this match.

    Now that Orton has been cleared to compete, it’s hard to give Christian any chance of winning. Randy Orton is being groomed to become the Face of SmackDown. Christian’s two-day title reign adds to the notion. Like Cena on RAW, Orton will snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat on numerous occasions.

    This storyline is becoming bland and predictable with each passing week.

    Christian’s heel turn is certainly note worthy but I expect Orton to win this match.

    Ryan Frye: Presuming he’s healthy enough to compete, (his concussion is real) I see Randy Orton walking out with the World title still in his grasp.

    You see, Orton was drafted to SmackDown to become the face of the show, the John Cena of the “B-Show” so-to-speak. Further proof would be that the WWE only allowed Christian a two-day reign as champion, and then immediately handed the belt to Orton.

    With this in mind, the only reason Orton loses is to keep this storyline going. I mean, Christian is about the only option right now, yet how does he recover from three consecutive losses to Orton?

    Good question, but this is the WWE we are talking about.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    John Cavanagh:  Orton has a concussion and is a “game day decision” on Sunday. While I expect him to wrestle, this match can’t go on that long. I’m shocked Sheamus wasn’t added to avoid Orton taking less bumps. Nevertheless, Orton will retain, ending his feud with Christian.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    Charlie Groenewegen: Christian should’ve never lost the World title in the first place.

    WWE Championship:
    John Cena © vs. R-Truth

    RiZE:  Before Monday Night RAW, this match could’ve gone either way. R-Truth has become RAW’s top heel in a number of weeks. His weekly “Little Jimmy” rants have become the most entertaining portion of Monday Night RAW. Truth has also been turning heads as of late with a pay per view win over Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit.

    Everything was properly executed until RAW.

    The WWE decides to place John Morrison in a match with R-Truth. Instead of having the match take place, the WWE has R-Truth attack JoMo backstage. This angle obviously gave away the finish to Sunday’s match.

    Truth will be on the verge of victory due to dirty tactics, but before Truth wins the match, Morrison runs in and costs him the match.

    Simply put, Truth loses so he can feud with Morrison afterwards.

    It was the reason he was turned heel.

    Ryan Frye: R-Truth is one of the few to ever go from jobber, to Raw’s top heel in mere months. The WWE has done a great job in making him look like a legitimate threat to Cena’s WWE title, although too fast for my liking.

    With Truth’s attack to John Morrison on Raw, it only solidified the fact that on Sunday, Morrison will cost Truth his championship match. This will set up a triple-threat match at Money In The Bank, with Cena, Truth and John Morrison.

    The next part of this will be later on, in the Money in the Bank Predictions.

    Now, that I’ve painted my (predicted) picture of Raw’s main event scene for the next couple of months, let’s move on!

    Winner: John Cena

    John Cavanagh: Truth has been doing fantastic as of late, riding a huge wave of momentum. His new heel turn has garnered him plenty of heat and made this match very interesting. Still, WWE will not take the strap of Cena so soon. 

    Winner: John Cena

    Charlie Groenewegen: I’m not sure about the winner of Cena vs. Truth, but I know for a fact that John Morrison is going to cost Truth the match. In other words: R-Truth, win or lose, is not leaving DC as the WWE Champion.

Best Face/Heel Turn of 2011

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    RiZE: There haven’t been too many character turns this year, but the few are noteworthy. From Alex Riley to R-Truth to Christian, each turn has been successful in its own right. That being said, it’s hard to ignore the fact that R-Truth’s turn was spontaneous while Alex Riley’s slowly built over a long period of time.

    Christian’s turn also built slowly over time.

    Christian retained his positive attitude, but the actions against him would force any man to crack.

    In the end, Alex Riley’s face turn has to be the best of the year. The fact that we always knew Riley had potential added to the anticipation. While I can’t speak for others, I saw this turn coming months ago. The week before John Morrison faced Miz on RAW to be exact.

    The Miz was verbally abusing Riley who surprisingly retaliated.

    The crowd reacted well, and the WWE set it for another time.

    Months after the fact, it’s great to see the plan come full circle.

    Ryan Frye:  What has been the best face/heel turn of 2011?

    With all due respect to Christian, this is a two-horse race between R-Truth and Alex Riley.

    Truth’s turn was great because it was booked and executed so brilliantly. He was angry that he lost his spot in his first WWE title match to his long-time friend, so he attacked Morrison. The smoking just drew more heat, and he’s played to role very well thus far.

    On the other hand, Riley made his turn seem so real. You could see the emotion and anger in his face, and the relief after he beat Miz down. The two had such great chemistry, the crowd was chanting Riley’s name minutes after the turn!

    In conclusion, I must pick Riley’s turn, because it seemed so real.

    John Cavanagh: This is the easiest question here. There were some noticable ones, but R-Truth wins hands down. He was out of action for some time and was jobbing as usual when he returned. Out of the blue, he wins a battle royal that puts him in a WWE Championship Match.

    When he lost that chance to Morrison, Truth became a great heel in the process. Christian had a great turn, but he was already on top when it happened. Truth went from nothing and boring, to the top heel and very entertaining. The turn was executed perfectly and gives R-Truth a bright year ahead of him.

    Charlie Groenewegen:  This is a tough one. I’m going to go with best heel turn but from whom? I’ll go with the obvious one, R-Truth. Everyone thought Truth was future endeavored just months ago and now what? He is challenging for the WWE Championship and is a top heel in wrestling today.

    Very well played Ron Killings.

Which WWE/TNA Superstar Needs To Turn Face or Heel?

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    RiZE:  This is an easy question.

    John Morrison is desperately in need of a heel turn. I disagree with the notion that Morrison is a horrible mic worker as a face. I believe Creative writes up the promos with little creative input by the Superstar.

    That being said, John Morrison is obviously better as a heel. As of late, Morrison has gained fame because of numerous spots and his subsequent feud with R-Truth.

    Morrison’s detractors have used these spots as a reason to underrate Morrison’s in-ring ability.

    I’ve observed Morrison since he evolved his character on ECW. I can’t remember Morrison using spots on ECW as much as he does today.

    Simply put, a Morrison heel turn would alter his mic skills, in-ring ability and placement on the card.

    Let’s be honest.

    The only reason Morrison isn’t already a World Champion is because of his subpar mic skills.

    Ryan Frye: The obvious choice here is John Cena. Cena has been stuck in the same kid-friendly type gimmick for too long (Over five years). And when he was using the rapper heel gimmick, he was very effective at drawing heat.

    However, that’s too easy of a pick.

    Instead, I am going to choose John Morrison.

    Morrison’s rock star face gimmick has grown bland since turning after splitting with The Miz. He is awful on the microphone as a face but is much improved as a heel.

    If you don’t believe me, go back and watch Morrison during his days in ECW. You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

    John Cavanagh: I had a few guys in mind. John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler. Randy Orton was going to be my selection, but who would take over as SmackDown’s top face? Coming to conclusion, my pick is John Cena. It would seem he plays a heel judging by some of the fans' reaction, but it is mostly mixed. Why would I choose Cena over Orton?

    Well, Cena needs to turn before his match against the Rock at WrestleMania 28. Rock should, and will be the fan favorite. All Cena needs is a full heel turn, and the WWE Universe will be shocked. We've been discussing it for awhile, but it hasn't happened yet. So, when will it happen? It’s only a matter of time.

    Charlie Groenewegen: A lot of people will say John Cena needs a heel turn. I disagree. He is the biggest babyface in all of wrestling right now. If I was Vince McMahon I’d keep him face for merchandise reasons. It’s all about the money.

    From the WWE roster, two top guys who come to mind for a heel turn are Randy Orton and John Morrison. I think everything is right in the wonderful world of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m a mark, sue me.

    The guy who needs a turn more. Orton or Morrison? Morrison is hard to hate with all of his high flying spots, and Orton is a good face for merchandise sales. In the end, I’d choose Orton.

    His character is very bland and boring. He has been booked like a Super Hero, something WWE seems to do a lot, and I just prefer Orton as a heel.

Who Is Fit To Replace CM Punk?

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    RiZE: Who can replace CM Punk?

    Simply put, no one on the current roster can replace CM Punk. I can only think of two men who could replace CM Punk. The first would be Chris Jericho. Y2J is one of few Superstars who could challenge Punk’s place as all around best Superstar in the WWE today. Jericho plays face and heel to perfection.

    His in-ring work is among the best in the world today.

    Simply put, Jericho has the credibility, presence, and ability to replace CM Punk when he leaves the WWE in a few months.

    On the other hand, there’s a younger Superstar who is compared to Punk on a normal basis.

    Like Punk, this Superstar is a former ROH World Champion. He’s great in the ring, and from my analyst, is pretty good on the mic. He even threatened to take the ROH World Championship with him to WWE like Punk did before he signed with the WWE.

    This Superstar is known as Seth Rollins.

    Formerly Tyler Black, Rollins has all of the potential in the world.

    Once he is called up to the main roster, he’ll easily become one of the WWE’s top Superstars.

    Ryan Frye: First of all, I would have to disregard anybody currently in the WWE right now.


    Why? Because it wouldn't make any sense especially if it was a fellow main eventer.

    So, I've got three names. The most popular of which is Chris Jericho, FCW talent Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose.

    Jericho is just as good, probably better than Punk. He plays both face and heel to perfection, is great on the mic and in the ring. Obviously, this would be the best option. It just depends on if Jericho wants to return or not.

    Now on to Seth Rollins.

    Rollins made quite a name for himself in Ring of Honor, as CM Punk did. His in-ring work is tremendous, although it will likely be toned down in the WWE.

    From what I've heard of him, Rollins isn't too shabby on the stick either.

    Lastly is Dean Ambrose.

    Formerly known as Jon Moxley, Ambrose played a demented gimmick on the independent scene. His in-ring skills are good, although not to the level of any of the previously mentioned names. His mic work reminds of Cody Rhodes, who come to think about it, could fill Punk’s role to perfection.

    John Cavanagh: A talent like Punk cannot be replaced, but it is rumored Punk is leaving. Punk has always been a top heel no matter how many losses he has encountered. If Punk leaves, a wide opening becomes available as a big role for a top heel. In my opinion, Dolph Ziggler should replace Punk in this role. Ziggler has the tools.

    He has a great look, fantastic and underrated wrestling ability, and charisma and mic skills that are starting to present itself more nowadays. Ziggler has been stuck in mid-card feuds for the past year and would've gone lower if not for re-hashing his feud with Kingston. Ziggler put on great matches with Cena, proving he can hang with the big dogs.

    A feud with someone, even Rey Mysterio would be good. If Rey would put Dolph over, you have a new big-time heel on our hands. I've been waiting for Ziggler to break out, and Punk leaving would give him the golden opportunity.

    Charlie Groenewegen: Nobody can replace CM Punk for sure.

    Mic wise, The Miz.

    In-ring wise, Cody Rhodes…maybe.

Money in the Bank Winners

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    RiZE: There’s a number of Superstars who could win this match next month. That being said, there’s only one man who should win the Money in the Bank.

    John Morrison

    In case you haven’t noticed, WWE Creative always books a mid-carder to win the Money in the Bank. This would immediately rule of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio as winners. What’s the point of having Alberto win if he’s going to face John Cena at SummerSlam? In case you haven’t watched it, Del Rio has challenged John Cena to a WWE Title match at SummerSlam.


    On the other hand, Miz shouldn’t win the Money in the Bank two years in a row. What would be the reasoning behind Miz winning it once again? It’d be 2010 once again.

    John Morrison has been knocking at the Main Event’s door for awhile now.

    Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston are possible, but at this point in time, I don’t think they’ll see the main event level just yet.

    Alex Riley is possible, but it would be risky to push Riley this hard so fast.

    Morrison wins Money in the Bank. Mark my words.

    Ryan Frye: Many names come into my mind as possibilities: Alex Riley, The Miz, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio.

    Kofi Kingston is probably the least likely of anybody I listed. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much a Kofi mark. But, I haven’t seen any signs of him vaulting to the main event scene so quickly. While it would be epic, he isn’t my pick.

    Riley and Miz should continue their feud to SummerSlam, in my opinion. So, I see them costing each other the match.

    John Morrison is a very likely possibility, as long as the WWE doesn’t throw him in a singles match with R-Truth. However, my pick is Alberto Del Rio.

    Think about it; Del Rio is supposed to face John Cena at SummerSlam. So, what better way to do that then have Del Rio cash in his (newly won) briefcase after another successful title defense by Cena?

    Maybe not my preference, by I can see through the WWE’s booking!

    John Cavanagh: Zack Ryder! We can all dream, but in all seriousness, John Morrison is my pick. When he returns, he will likely feud with R-Truth on RAW leading up to the MITB PPV. Morrison has been in WWE Title matches before, especially over the course of late 2010 and early 2011. But it just seems Morrison can’t stay there. He can be a throw-in, or a “spot monkey,” but Morrison deserves to be taken serious as a contender Winning MITB can do many things for Morrison.

    The WWE seems to have trouble finding a way of keeping him in the main-event scene. This is the perfect chance. With the briefcase, it would be tough for Morrison to remain in the mid-card. Morrison is good as a face. I will not argue he should turn heel, because the potential to be a big face on RAW is there. The MITB win will help his push tremendously.

    Charlie Groenewegen: Three maybe four guys come to mind.

    1.) John Morrison 2.) Dolph Ziggler 3.) Kofi Kingston and 4.) Drew McIntyre

    Drew and Kofi not so much. Their characters are bland and need a change. Ziggler is cool but tied up in the US title hunt.

    Morrison is the easy pick. He’s been waiting for his time to erupt onto the main event scene for a long time now.


    RiZE: There are only two men on SmackDown who should win the Money in the Bank.

    Cody Rhodes or Wade Barrett

    Rhodes gimmick is that of self absorbed, conceited, demented character that hides his face in shame. Rhodes prior history with Orton will certainly aid this storyline. Maybe Rhodes never got over the punt Orton gave him at last year's WrestleMania? This feud is bound to happen at some point.

    Imagine the demented Rhodes taking on Randy Orton.

    On the other hand, Wade Barrett is another possibility.

    Wade is an all-around great WWE Superstar and the fact that he didn't defeat Orton for the WWE Title last year puzzles me.  A win for Barrett will certainly rejuvenate Wade Barrett.

    Ryan Frye:  Cody Rhodes.

    Honestly, Rhodes is the only option that makes sense.

    He has history with Randy Orton, (who will likely be champion at the time) yet hasn't feuded with him like Wade Barrett has. Rhodes is ready for an elevation, and this is a great opportunity to do so.

    John Cavanagh: SmackDown is an absolute mess right now. Anyone interested in it at all, besides Christian and Orton? Not me! As I said in my predictions earlier. Barrett is going to lose the title to Jackson. It seems things can’t get much worse for Barrett, who has had a dreadful IC Title reign. The scrap can finally be removed from his waist and drag him out of the mid-card. Barrett was on top of the WWE in 2010. He was absolutely dominant.

    Now, he is a joke. Losing to Jackson will be a good thing. Winning MITB can make him a joke, to a top heel once again. He is very talented but deserves much more than he is getting. SmackDown is in need of another main-eventer, and Barrett has proven he can do it. If he could succeed on RAW, he can definitely succeed on Smackdown. There seems to be no other way to get Barrett out of this hole, unless he wins MITB.

    Charlie Groenewegen: For SmackDown, I pick either Cody Rhodes or Daniel Bryan.

    I have to go with Bryan for the fact that SmackDown is up to its knees in heels and needs a second top face. I don’t think WWE knows this, but Daniel Bryan is pretty good in the ring. Give him a shot!

Who Will Win TNA's Bound for Glory Series?

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    RiZE: I find this series very interesting as most of the guys have never been World Champion. That being said, Crimson, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, or Bobby Roode should win this series. 

    My preference would be AJ Styles.

    Ryan Frye: Easy… AJ Styles! Or at least, he should.

    With a heel champion at Bound For Glory, likely Mr. Anderson,TNA could run a storyline surrounding Styles. They could have him put all his focus on this series, saying he hasn’t been TNA World Heavyweight Champion in awhile. It would be his goal, and at BFG, AJ would win!

    Now, wouldn’t that be a heck of a feel-good story?

    Make it happen, Russo!

    Charlie Groenewegen:  Ah, IMPACT Wrestling.

    Speaking of the Bound For Glory Series, join the BFG Series League. Pick your wrestler, watch his progress and check the weekly leaderboards! Created by Charlie Groenewegen, for more info click here:

    The Bound For Glory Series is IMPACT’s hottest new concept and I love it. I think either AJ Styles, Bobby Roode or Matt Morgan should win the Series and main event Bound For Glory. It’s too tough to choose between those three.


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