WWE: Five Wrestlers Deserving of a WWE Championship Reign

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IJune 18, 2011

WWE: Five Wrestlers Deserving of a WWE Championship Reign

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    The WWE Championship is one of the most prestigious title belts in professional wrestling. It's the top award at the largest wrestling-based company in the world.

    Greats like The Rock, Steve Austin, and Eddie Guerrero have each held it at some point in its illustrious history. Less reputable reigns include John Cena's, which lasted all of one day.

    In this list, I will name five RAW superstars who deserve reigns, but have never held either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight strap.


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    Since debuting his new psychotic gimmick, R-Truth has won over many of his critics. His crazy rants, hatred for "Little Jimmies," and sudden improvement in character have assisted Truth in becoming one of the most entertaining superstars in the WWE right now.

    He was previously known for dancing and rapping, achieving a cult following with small children and hip-hop enthusiasts. However, he was nothing compared to John Cena in his rapping days, and it appeared Truth had no future with the WWE.

    Creative seemed to have nothing rolling for him, and he was widely believed to be on the chopping block.

    However, that all changed when Truth was included in a match for the title against The Miz and Cena.

    Many thought that this match would be a way for Miz to achieve victory without Cena looking weak, or vice versa. However, it was here that Truth began his substantial rise to the top after his spot was taken away by John Morrison.

    R-Truth wiped out the Shaman of Sexy and perpetrated an illegal act of smoking in a public UK arena. A couple of weeks later, he started making claims of a conspiracy against him. He would start rambling to himself and generally look insane. This got over with the fans a lot quicker than originally thought, and Truth has now planted himself as a main-eventer.

    This Sunday at Capitol Punishment, he is facing Cena for the WWE Championship, and, while doubts are being voiced over Truth's ability to win, he may very well achieve the victory he wholeheartedly deserves.

John Morrison

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    The internet darling, John Morrison, is not a surprise inclusion. He's an exciting character who is already popular with the fans and has great technical ability.

    As a heel, Morrison kicks away the perception of his poor microphone skills with his witty promos, but he cannot get into the same groove as a face.

    Despite this, Morrison is a definite contender for the belt.

    Since splitting with The Miz, Morrison hasn't been as successful as the Cleveland Screamer, who held the WWE Championship for half a year. However, the high-flyer still proves his worth to the company with his amazing matches.

    Some of these have been title matches, such as the first RAW episode of 2011. Others have been number-one contender bouts, like the Elimination Chamber, in which he scaled up the steel mesh. A true showing of his athleticism prevailed at the Royal Rumble as he avoided elimination by grasping the fan barricade, climbing up, and jumping to the steps and back into the ring. 

    He frequently gets cheers whenever he appears. Morrison also gets more cheers every time he pulls out a stunning maneuver, a prime example being when he dove off the WWE logo onto the stage.

    John has been in the company for several years now and has been hitting the glass ceiling, but hasn't yet managed to break through. With a little encouragement from the company, he can shatter the glass and have a lengthy and deserving reign.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Del Rio was on Smackdown for the first part of his career, during which he almost immediately became a top player on the brand.

    His snobby, rich gimmick garners enough heat without any effort on ADR's part, but his cocky tongue and spectacular in-ring ability receives tenfold that amount.

    He feuded with former world champions in Rey Mysterio, Christian, and Edge, and he also at one point won the Royal Rumble.

    Whilst it is believed he was originally slated to take the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge at WrestleMania, things were changed around and the Rated-R Superstar retained. However, Edge subsequently vacated the belt after it became apparent that he had to retire.

    Del Rio and Christian then fought for the title, but Captain Charisma achieved victory, winning his first world title in the process.

    Del Rio once again had to sit back as others tasted success.

    Now on RAW, he is involved in a bout with yet another former world champion, this time in the gigantic form of The Big Show.

    It is rumoured that, following  this, Alberto Del Rio will square off with (guess what) another World Champion, John Cena. If this turns out to be true, it could be Del Rio's time to put himself in the history books by taking hold of the belt.

    With all these close encounters, it's about time he grabs the real thing.

Kofi Kingston

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    In my previous article, I mentioned how Kingston is unlikely to have a permanent stay at the top, or even a WWE Championship reign.

    However, that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it.

    He is very popular with the fans, old and young alike. He wows the masses with his high-flying marvels in the ring and never fails to disappoint. He is unpredictable and exciting, but is currently toiling away in the mid-card.

    Kofi was on a main-event push not too long ago, although that was suddenly halted after a match with Randy Orton in which the Apex Predator proclaimed, "Stupid!"  several times following an RKO. It was seemingly out of character for the usually mute Orton, who even swore during the simple rant. Kofi was then sent packing, back to the land of secondary-title reigns.

    Kingston is one of the most technically gifted superstars on the roster and, despite it almost being in a high-flyer's nature, is not a glorified spot-monkey—he can impress on the mat, not just in the air.

    The worst part of his game are his mic skills, but even they aren't terrible. He has botched his lines before, but who hasn't? Kingston does need work on them, sure enough, but it's only a minor smudge on his report card.

    The work he puts in is deserving of even a short world-championship reign.

Chris Masters

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    This entry might cause an uproar within the IWC, but it is, in my eyes, true.

    Chris Masters is deserving of a successful shot at the WWE Championship.

    A few years back, Masters was a main-event player, with a devastating finisher and a monstrous heel gimmick. He was inches away from winning a world title, but steroid allegations held him back and led to his eventual departure.

    It was a mighty shame, but unlike in most other sports, steroids don't improve your wrestling ability.

    His own ability was natural, and boy was it amazing.

    He picked fights with legendary figures like Shawn Michaels and John Cena, giving the crowd their money's worth each and every time.

    He returned a couple of years ago, stunning many who hadn't heard of his re-signing. He then went on a roll, but the flames died out.

    What was impressive, though, was that he built his Adonis physique without drugs. His mat ability had improved and he looked even better than before.

    He's been stuck on Superstars for a while now, but he has put in his hours and is working hard to get back to where he was before.

    Masters is a changed man who deserved a reign back then and still deserves one now.


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