49ers Season Turns: Singletary The Key to Winning

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IOctober 27, 2008

There's a new man in charge in San Francisco, and his name is Mike Singletary. Get used to him, he's going to be around a long time.

Singletary may have opened up his head coaching career with the 49ers this past Sunday with a 34-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but alas 49ers faithful, you have got to be the happiest 2-6 team in NFL history.

Why? Singletary.

Mr. Singletary, as he probably will be called in San Francisco, is a no-nonsense coach. You ask what that means? That means that if you give him bull, he doesn't take very kind to you.

This was shown Sunday when Coach Singletary sent tight end Vernon Davis to the locker room rather than letting him play out the rest of the game. The former first rounder was not pleased, and neither was Singletary of Davis.

"I'll talk to him...I'm not in a rush," said Singletary on ESPNNEWS earlier Monday at a press conference.

Truth be told, Singletary will talk to him and his point will certainly be made clear.

The altercation occurred Sunday when Davis was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after he visibly flipped upward the mask of a Seattle player. Shortly thereafter, a brief confrontation ensued with Davis and Singletary, and the end result had Davis showering earlier than expected.

Sunday was Singletary's first game as head coach of the 49ers and he had the tough duty of taking over a team with horrible morale after their former coach Mike Nolan was let go just a week earlier.

Sunday's game marked change, however, not only at the head coaching position, but possibly at quarterback as Singletary substituted J.T. O'Sullivan midway through the game for backup Shaun Hill. At the press conference, however, Singletary made it clear he has not decided on the starting Quarterback for the next game.

"We'll make the best decision for the team, whatever we do."

Regardless of who starts, this team is in for an overhaul courtesy of Singletary. Though it may take a little while, the team seems to be on the right track with the right person and it couldn't have come at a better time. Good luck coach. You're in for a ride.