WWE Capital Punishment: Five Reasons Why the Miz Will Beat Alex Riley

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 18, 2011

WWE Capital Punishment: Five Reasons Why the Miz Will Beat Alex Riley

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    To me, the WWE's Capital Punishment PPV is very intriguing. It has matches that last year, I wouldn't have seen coming. John Cena vs R-Truth stands out to many, but to me The Miz taking on Alex Riley is a huge match that no one seems to be talking about.

    Riley is on the rise and he has yet to really do a lot in the WWE, while the Miz is a multi-time tag team champion as well as a former US Champion and WWE Champion.

    Riley was an NXT rookie who was mentored by Miz. Riley lost the competition to Kaval. But that didn't keep him off TV, as The Miz put him under an associate's contract. Riley carried around a briefcase for a year, and was with Miz for his run as a WWE Champion.

    I thought this rivalry could come, but never actually thought it would happen. I just figured Riley would branch off on his own as a heel somehow. But WWE decided to go face with him, and it could be a big step in his career.

    But, does that mean he should beat Miz at Capital Punishment? I don't think so, and here are the top 5 reasons why.

5. Riley Isn't Ready

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    The Miz is a main event talent and has worked hit butt off to get there for almost eight years. He went from Reality Show guy to WWE Champion and that was not the easiest transition. Riley has been wrestling for some time and had a nice idea for a gimmick, but has since dropped it when he went face.

    The thing is, Miz worked his way up the roster to get in the main event. Yet Riley moves up and takes on a top talent in The Miz within his first year on the main roster. In fact, he has been around one year on the main roster starting this month.

    Riley would do better losing this match than Miz. If Miz loses to Riley, it kills him while a win catapults Riley. Sure, a win for Riley here would be good for him. But if Miz, a former WWE Champion, were to lose, it hurts everything he has worked for up to this point.

4. Riley Wins and the Miz Goes Back to Mid-Carding

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    Alex Riley is pretty good for this stage of his career, but The Miz is on the top. He was one of the longest reigning WWE Champions of the last five years and not to mention, he is one of the youngest to get a triple crown.

    Sure, one loss to Riley may not kill The Miz, but having him constantly look weak on TV to Riley then lose at the PPV not only hurts his character, but the way he is seen in the eyes of fans.

    Miz already had the tactics of a man who was barely escaping defeat. But if Riley were to win over The Miz in the first time singles match with the two, it makes the mentor look like he never had much to offer.

    Miz had Daniel Bryan as his rookie first and yes, he lost to him. But Bryan is considered one of the best in the world and Miz was moving up to the main event scene. Riley and Miz seem about even in wrestling skill set, but experience and ability wise, Miz has Riley beat.

    If Riley looked so good against Miz on TV then wins at the PPV, people will wonder why Miz even got to the top anyway if a guy like Riley could take him out.

    It would be back to mid-carding for Miz, and that of course kills everything WWE invested in him.

3. The Miz Doesn't Have an Easier Storyline

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    Look at the people Miz has taken on the last few storylines. We've got John Morrison, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Two of those men are the top guys in the company and the other is a multi-time champion who could be a World Champion one day.

    There really isn't an easier rivalry for Miz to go over on. As a top talent now, Riley is a blip on the radar. Sort of like how Miz was when he took on Cena when he first came to RAW.

    Cena was already the top guy and Miz was on the rise but was by no means at the position Cena was. Miz ended up getting over some on Cena, but never actually beat him when it mattered.

    Riley is doing this right now. The last few weeks, Riley has attacked Miz and beat him down. Now will he beat Miz when it counts? If we go with the same formula during the Miz/Cena storyline, the top guy will win out in the end.

    Sure, Miz is the heel and Riley is the face. But it doesn't matter. Riley is on the rise and while he may have some moves here and there, he is not The Miz.

    Miz may have taught Riley all he knows, but not all of what The Miz knows. Keep this in mind if you want to think storyline wise.

    If Riley wins out here, in the next storyline for The Miz, can we really believe he can beat a top tier talent?

    If the answer is no, then Riley winning this Sunday is a no-no.

2. Riley Losing Actually Helps His Career

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    Some may wonder, how can losing help your career?

    Well Alex Riley is breaking away from The Miz, right? As a result of this, he has to be in a rivalry with him. And because it's more interesting to have them rival each other, the WWE went down this path.

    Riley isn't ready to main event, so losing to The Miz won't be a shocker when you think about it seeing as he is one of the top guys in WWE right now.

    Riley could lose and then go to mid-cards where he could begin winning championships against guys he could realistically go out and beat consistently.

    Guys like The Miz being taken out by a guy of Riley's experience and look is very unbelievable and not something WWE would go for. Riley beating a guy like Kofi Kingston wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

    If Miz wins, the the rivalry ends and both move on to where they should be. But if Riley wins, the rivalry continues and Riley doesn't move on to where he needs to be, nor does Miz.

    It'll just be something to occupy the two, which would end up killing the storyline and both men would look horrible in the long run.

    Riley losing helps his career more than winning.

1. WWE Wants Miz to Win

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    Let's face it, Alex Riley while good, is no Miz. Riley does have mic ability and can go in the ring some. But Miz is already a household name. Miz has gotten to a point to where he is getting respect from many within WWE. Not to mention, he is getting more respect from the IWC.

    There are very few who can get respect from WWE and the IWC and those that do, seem to last very long in the company. WWE has put a lot into Miz, and he has done a ton for the WWE.

    He could be the face of the WWE one day, and because of the fact that this is possible, he will not lose to Alex Riley when it counts.

    It is okay for The Miz to look weak some, but to lose when it counts most may be the dumb thing. And heck, if WWE continues the rivalry, Miz still needs to win the first bout. He could always win in a heelish fashion.

    Riley seems to be getting fans behind him, but it's not enough to invest a ton in him right now.

    Miz already has an investment in him and stock is being bought as we speak. To kill off all that would be idiotic, especially when Miz has been consistently great.

    The WWE had to eventually break the two up so they could both move on with their careers. Both are stars and both will be successes in WWE. Miz is currently having a lot of it.

    Riley just hasn't made it enough to go over The Miz and that much is enough to rest any case. It's one WWE is going to go with and one that cannot be argued by any. WWE will pick The Miz for this Sunday, it's just a waiting game for now.

Special Words from Joe Burgett

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    I love the idea for this match in the long run. I would love for the storyline to be extended if it can be done well. I feel Miz will definitely win this Sunday, but I feel Riley has a bright future, too.

    Riley could be United States or Intercontinental Champion by the time the year is up; it all depends on what brand he is legitimately on.

    Also, I will be doing a project on B/R and I would love to get more people involved. If you're interested, let me know. The only catch here is that you must be able to write on B/R. If you have that, I will take you on for it. Just PM me if you're interested.