How Bleacher Report Showed Me My Life's Path

Thomas H.Correspondent IOctober 27, 2008

For years, I have calculated jobs that I could do. I don't want to sit in a cubicle in boredom, but I don't want a public works job, either. I'm getting a good education, but I don't want to just sit there and read the numbers over and over.

I've wanted a job I could relate to.

These are few to come by; especially because the way the U.S economy is going, my generation might not be able to get into good colleges as easily or have many jobs left.

The problem was I had nothing that could lead to a specific job.

I do not play an instrument. 

I am not particularly good at any single sport.

I have no special talents. I just lived, up until September.

Then I found this thing called Bleacher Report. A website of sports and writing seemed too good to be true.

I found somewhere to have fun, but, more importantly I found a sanctuary for me.

I found a place where I can have my own identity and express my emotions.

Dealing with ordinary people and talking about sports was getting weak; I only knew three people whom I could be on a equal table with and talk sports.

At Bleacher Report? My writing is amateur, and not at a good level yet. It is getting better; however, I don't know enough just yet.

The others here don't just know sports, they breathe it. I never knew there existed a place where every single person can have an hour-long conversation about one subject. The articles are brilliant, as if the people were at the game, in the press box, and had talked to the coaches afterward. 

Bleacher Report showed me that sports aren't just games, they are a lifestyle. There are hundreds of people on here, and I am honored to be able to have anyone look at my articles.

Not to mention that B/R gave me a look at something I love—sports and writing. I now know what I at least want to be—a writer. Bleacher Report makes me feel like a professional, even if we aren't paid and anyone can do it.

The people who write regularly for Bleacher Report clearly realize that it is a great place to be free and get your mind off real life, but, for me, it shows a path of a whole different land. At my age, this website shows me an insight into what I want my future to hold.

For me, Bleacher Report is a sanctuary, a path to the future, and a home.