Steelers: Please Give Us an Offense

Warren SicilianoCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Ok, we all know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are about grinding it out and smashing an opponent into submission. The defense has been doing pretty much that all season, but when your offense is only on the field for 25 minutes in an entire game, your defense is going to get tired and injured.

In short, Steeler fans are sick and tired of having an offense without any punch. We have the quarterback and the running game. Let's get some top end receivers and an offensive line that can give Big Ben more protection. It's time to make an offense that can put up some points, so that one field goal or one safety won't make the difference in the game.

Tomlin is a new head coach, so let's give him some help to get this team up to snuff. OK Mike, instead of having the smallest offensive line in the NFL, let's get some big, smart offensive linemen who can communicate, protect Ben, and open up some holes for the running game. If your team is known for running, why would you not get the biggest, baddest offensive linemen in the world? It's time to get it done!

The wide receivers as a group are the worst in the NFL. They give up on routes, run sloppy routes, are never where they are supposed to be, and not one goes up and fights for the ball when thrown down field. Get some receivers that are big, fast, sharp, and will fight for the ball when necessary. It's great if they can block, but unless you are running the ball 50+ times per game, you don't need the receivers to block. You need them to get open.

Maybe that's why the Steelers are one of the worst teams on converting third downs and only have the ball less than 30 minutes per game. Whoever is recruiting the wide receivers for the Steelers needs to change their criteria and not look for a blocking receiver first and then a good receiver second. Get this team some good wide receivers!

Until these critical areas are addressed, the Black and Gold will be more like the Black and Blue and have an impotent offense that frustrates players, coaches, and fans alike.

While your at it Mike, upgrade the defensive secondary as well. That isn't as critical as the offense, but it might help stop the opponent's offense from staying on the field longer than the Steelers offense in any game.

We're frustrated fans in Steeler Nation, Mr. Tomlin and Steelers front office! Give us something we can be proud of once again! I just gave you the blueprint—there is no excuse!