It's in the Game: The 10 Best Sports Video Game Series of the 2000s

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It's in the Game: The 10 Best Sports Video Game Series of the 2000s
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There is no feeling like the feeling I get from taking the latest edition of Madden out and putting it into the disc tray of my Xbox 360. It's a certain euphoria that can't be explained. 

People don't realize the effect of sports video games on the sporting world.

When I do my fantasy football draft, I don't rely on overpriced magazines or Internet articles; I use gut instinct, and yes, the rankings for Madden.

There's a TV show on people playing Madden, and it draws in viewers for reasons that I can't explain to you.

But Madden isn't the only video game that has an impact on the average sports fan.

I remember when I played an intense game of FIFA 09 with a guy from Spain over Xbox Live. Although there was a bit of a language barrier (high school Spanish class can only teach me so much), it was intense not only because I won in extra time, but because we shared a common passion for not only soccer, but video games as well.

So don't press pause, because these video games could, are, or will end up in your collection of sports video games.


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