A Statistical Breakdown of Texas Tech Football So Far

TexasTechFanCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Texas Tech is a statistical machine, but here are some of the most intriguing stats accumulated so far this season.  Before the Raiders head into their biggest game in years, these are worth looking over.




1,108—That’s the number of rushing yards amassed thus far this season.  This stat is more impressive when you consider that the Raiders accumulated a grand total of 737 rushing yards in 2007, including their bowl game.  The ability to run the ball proved particularly beneficial at Kansas, because when they would drop eight back, Graham Harrell could simply hand it off.




7.5—That’s how many yards per carry Baron Batch is averaging.  That’s first in the Big 12, tied for fifth in the NCAA.   When you factor in his 24 receptions for 321 yards, that brings him up to nine yards per touch.  And he’s only a sophomore.




3—That’s how many sacks Tech's offensive line has allowed this season.  Two of those shouldn’t have happened because Leach should have pulled Graham Harrell before that drive against Kansas, but unfortunately they did.  Granted, Tech hasn’t seen a juggernaut of a defensive line yet, but that stat is still very impressive, especially considering that is out of 360 pass attempts.




8—That’s the number of receivers Tech has with double-digit receptions.  The list includes Michael Crabtree with 60 (and several of those on a bad ankle), Detron Lewis with 45, Eric Morris with 42, Tramain Swindall with 31, Baron Batch with 24, Edward Britton with 20, Shannon Woods with 15, and Adam James with 11. 




9—That’s how many receivers Tech has with at least one touchdown.  The list includes Michael Crabtree with 14, Eric Morris with four, Lyle Leong and Edward Britton with three each, and Detron Lewis, Tramain Swindall, Baron Batch, Adam James, and Ryan Hale with one each.




14—That’s the number of times Texas Tech has punted this season.  Their opponents have punted 33 times. 




29:21—That’s the average time of possession until this point.  That includes the Nebraska game where Tech only held the ball for 19:45, which is a testament to how much longer the Raiders have had the ball in all of their other games this season, to bring the average up 10 minutes.  Last season, Tech held the ball an average of 27:57.




14—That’s the number of passes the Raiders have picked off this season.  Darcel McBath is tied for second in the nation with five interceptions, and Daniel Charbonnet is tied for seventh with four interceptions.




12.2—That’s how many yards per catch Tech is accumulating.  That adds up quickly when the Raiders are completing an average of 34 completions per game. 




256—That’s how many passes Graham Harrell has completed this season.  He’s completed 71.1 percent for 28 touchdowns and five interceptions.