Barry Bonds Asks Judge to Throw Out Perjury Case

Michael NewCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2008

Barry Bonds asked the federal judge to dismiss perjury charges today, arguing the indictment is “scattershot” and noted for its “striking inartfulness.”

This gives us an inside look at how his lawyers are beginning to outline and defend their client.

The attorneys said that the questions asked by prosecutors during Bonds’ December 2003 grand jury appearance were vague, ambiguous and confusing. The lawyers asked that the case be thrown out on the grounds that he couldn’t have been lying when the questions asked of him did not allow a concise response.

It should be noted that motions such as these are frequently filed but rarely granted. The lawyers are definitely trying what they can, when they can to get the process streamlined as possible.

Bonds has been accused of lying on nineteen different accounts, of which he has been indicted on four separate charges of perjury and one obstruction of justice charge. Bonds’ attorneys argue that the instances should be detailed and charges should be filed separately, instead of being lumped together.

This way, the charges can be dismissed and approached on an individual basis.

An interesting development indeed for Mr. Bonds as the season grows closer by the day. He is still a free agent with no potential suitors that we know about. I’m sure many teams are waiting to find out more about his legal troubles before beginning negotiations with the all-time home runs leader.

It is to be seen whether he will sign a contract for another year or if this will be the end of the slugger’s career. If it is, he’ll go away under suspicion of using performance enhancing drugs.

If he gets signed for another season, the story continues, and more and more records will undoubtedly fall from the pages of history.