WWE Capitol Punishment: PPV Prediction Challenge and Breaking Down Every Match

Bryan FloryAnalyst IJune 16, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment: PPV Prediction Challenge and Breaking Down Every Match

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    A month after WWE Over the Limit, WWE Capitol Punishment is live this Sunday on PPV.

    I am here to break down every announced match (check back later if more are announced, including ones from this Friday's SmackDown) and predict the outcome.


    PPV Prediction Challenge:

    Continuing from Extreme Rules and Over the Limit, I invite all of you to join in on a concept that I have developed with the editors, where you will post your predictions in the comments section below, and I will keep a running tally all the way until WrestleMania 28 to determine the "PPV Prediction Challenge" champion.

    So that I know you want to be a part of the contest, make sure you put at the beginning of your comment "PPV Prediction Challenge:" followed by your picks. Feel free to expand on them however you want, or just provide the winners.

    I plan on posting a table of the updated results following Capitol Punishment, so that everyone knows where they stand.

    The more people are involved in this the better, as it will increase the competitive environment of the community. 

    With that being said, here are my picks for Capitol Punishment.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

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    WWE is clearly hurting for superstars when a feud that took up the better part of 2010 gets rehashed less than a year later.

    Don't get me wrong, Punk and Mysterio have great chemistry in the ring and will most likely put on a wrestling clinic.

    But this feud is just stale and nothing but filler for both until other injured superstars heal.

    I would find it extremely hard to believe that Punk would lose this match; not because Punk is the better superstar (which he absolutely is), but because he cleanly beat John Cena this past week on Raw.

    Mark my words, there is no way that the WWE has CM Punk defeat Cena clean on Raw and then get pinned by Mysterio six days later.

    Even though Punk is rumored to be taking an extended break from WWE at the end of the summer, I fully expect him to move on to feuding with Cena next until he decides it's time to take a break.

    It's an easy way for WWE to allow a title switch to Punk to show that they value him (which would be their attempt to keep him) while also breaking up Cena's title run (since the plan is for him to have the title at WrestleMania 28).

    No matter what, WWE needs CM Punk to stay around because they are razor thin at the top, which means they will continue to appease him.

    Winner: CM Punk

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

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    This is the match I am most looking forward to because I feel it can go either way.

    Compelling cases can be made in favor of the Miz and Alex Riley, and to be honest, I don't think even the WWE knows who they want to win this match.

    Riley has gotten the best of the Miz since turning face, but I don't think that they will continue to bury the Miz.

    I see these two having a lengthy feud that culminates at SummerSlam, so I see this match playing out in the following way:

    The Miz inevitably does something to get himself disqualified after getting frustrated with Riley keeping up with him.

    Both superstars are a part of the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match in July, which allows their feud to keep going without getting stale.

    Then, they have their final battle at SummerSlam, which results in a solid feud that keeps the Miz in the spotlight for the summer without the title, while also building Riley into a star.

    Either way, this is a bright spot for me each week on Raw.

    Winner: Alex Riley by DQ

Alberto Del Rio vs. the Big Show

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    Let me start by saying that I feel bad for Alberto Del Rio. He has been scheduled to win the world title multiple times, and injuries have derailed plans on several occasions.

    I am extremely bored with this feud already, so hopefully it doesn't last much longer.

    I really don't know where Del Rio goes from here, though.

    You would expect him to be in the Raw Money in the Bank match, but after that who does he feud with?

    If Cena feuds with Punk until he leaves, Riley feuds with the Miz, and I can't imagine they would rehash his feud with Rey Mysterio again, it would appear that Del Rio is a man without a plan.

    Maybe he moves back to SmackDown to feud with Randy Orton as a surprise entrant in the SmackDown Money in the Bank match.

    I honestly have no idea what to expect.

    One thing that would not make sense, though, is for the Big Show to win this match. He stands nothing to gain from winning.

    I also don't really see how Del Rio is going to win this match clean, so I'm thinking that after the events of this past week, the Big Show continues to beat down Del Rio until he gets disqualified.

    Then, Kane attempts to stop the Big Show again, and the Big Show turns on Kane, creating a feud for both of them (for the love of God, get Kane off of Superstars).

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio by DQ

Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson, Intercontinental Title

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    Now that the Corre has officially disbanded, please get Wade Barrett back into the main event picture.

    This obviously would mean that he would have to drop the IC title to Big Zeke.

    WWE has been building Jackson to be a top guy for months now, and this would be another step toward the top.

    I think after all of the cheap ways that Barrett has gotten the better of Zeke in the past few months, this feud will come to a head, and we will see Jackson come out of this one on top (possibly with assistance from Slater and Gabriel, since they have had enough of Barrett).

    It seems like this gets brought up every PPV, but hopefully, this is the time when the IC title can regain some prominence.

    Zeke is a solid upper-midcard guy that can spend the next several months honing his skills with the likes of Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes (even though I would much rather see Rhodes face Orton).

    No matter what, Big Zeke will become the IC champion.

    Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler, US Title

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    The US title is the most randomly defended belt in sports entertainment today, which results in this match.

    After this past week on Raw, when Ziggler said that he would give up the services of Vickie Guerrero to get a shot at the title, I think that this hints that we could see Dolph turning face soon (tag team with Zack Ryder, anyone?)

    This will be a solid back-and-forth contest that results in Vickie trying to help Dolph finish off Kofi, but Vickie will accidentally costs Ziggler the match.

    Following this, Dolph will permanently give up the services of Vickie Guerrero and branch out on his own.

    This may lead off the show, since these two have the capability to give a strong seven- to nine-minute match that will get the crowd hot.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian, World Heavyweight Title

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    I don't even know where to begin with this match.

    These two had one of the best matches in recent memory at Over the Limit, and obviously it will be hard to top this time around.

    There is speculation that Orton is a "game day" decision as a result of a concussion he sustained last weekend.

    What exactly will WWE do if Orton can't go though?

    Furthermore, even with Christian turning heel, I don't understand how having him as a heel will be sustainable.

    The crowd clearly likes Christian more than ever because of his association with Edge, and people very clearly understand that he got screwed by backstage politics when he lost the title.

    Therefore, if Orton can't go, and Christian regains the title by default, how do you keep him heel since the crowd will be genuinely happy for him?

    Maybe there is a scenario that results in Christian facing Sheamus for the title since both have been deemed the No. 1 contender in recent weeks.

    Either way, it is not a good situation for WWE to be in right now, especially with SmackDown's dwindling ratings.

    I'm going to go with my gut on this one, and assume that tradition will hold true with WWE not believing in Christian as a champion, and either Orton or Sheamus coming out on top.

    Winner: Randy Orton (or Sheamus if Orton can't go)

John Cena (c) vs. R-Truth, WWE Title

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    Aside from the Miz and Alex Riley, no one has me more entertained each week than R-Truth.

    The guy has taken the ball and run with it; his heel turn has been one of the most beneficial in recent memory.

    I would love to say that I think that Truth will come out on top in this one, but I don't see it happening.

    I think that CM Punk vs. Cena is the feud that they want at SummerSlam, so I would think that you could see Truth screwed out of the title by a returning John Morrison.

    This way Truth can claim another conspiracy, which leads to a rematch at Money in the Bank in July with Cena.

    This could result in the following scenario:

    What if Morrison won Money in the Bank, Truth defeated Cena for the title, and then Morrison came out and defeated Truth for the title right after the match ended.

    At one point, that seemed extremely far-fetched, but clearly Truth and Morrison have risen up the WWE ladder.

    In my opinion, WWE has high hopes for the Truth-Morrison feud, and given the reports that Cena has a ton of nagging injuries that he needs to clear up, this is an out for them.

    The issue still remains though that CM Punk wants to leave, and Cena wants to be the one that sends him off, which would throw off my aforementioned prediction.

    Either way, I don't see John Cena losing the title just yet, since he has only held it for six weeks.

    Winner: John Cena

Post Your Picks and Check Back If More Matches Are Announced

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    Post your picks in the comments section below with the title: PPV Prediction Challenge.

    All signs are pointing to a match between Sin Cara and Ted DiBiase, as well as Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan (personally I think a tag match since there are already seven matches announced plus the inevitable Diva's match, which would make 10 total).

    Check back if additional matches are announced to post your picks. Only matches that are announced 24 hours in advance will be counted as a part of the point system to be fair to all parties.

    Best of luck and enjoy Captiol Punishment.


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