The NFL Is the New Soap Opera

Samantha CookeCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

The National Football League has become entirely too dramatic.  It almost feels like the fans are watching an episode of Desperate Housewives instead of highlights of their favorite teams and players.

Most recently, Brett Favre has been at the center of controversy.  He apparently had a phone conversation with former Lions General Manager Matt Millen about his former team, the Green Bay Packers, evidently sharing information about how the Lions could beat the Packers.

This story has been completely blown out of proportion.  The city of Detroit already knows their former GM is shady and has made several bad decisions, hurting the organization.  Millen receiving tips on how to beat a team would be just another blip on his radar.

On the flip side, you have a veteran quarterback who has been involved in a very dramatic offseason ending in a trade after 17 years with the same team. 

Does he hold a vendetta against his former team?  Why should he?  This is a team full of players with whom Favre has relationships.  He has respect for many of his former teammates and coaches.  Plus, Favre's personality would indicate that he shared no information with Matt Millen.

This begs the question, why so much drama?  The NFL and media are completely blowing this out of proportion.  Millen and Favre talked about hunting, as they both have a love for the outdoors.

How does a conversation go from hunting to football anyway?  "Speaking of shotguns, when Kitna was in the shotgun last year, what did the Packers do to bring pressure and change their defensive looks?"  Really?

It is easy to guess how the Packers beat the Lions last year.  Any "Monday morning quarterback" could figure it out by watching game film.  Professional teams have enough time on their hands to watch the previous game film and prepare. 

Teams change from year to year, so it would benefit a coach more to watch game film from the 2008 season rather than call a former quarterback and ask about a previous year.

Even if Favre and Millen did talk about football, what's the big deal?  Obviously his advice didn't help, as the Lions lost to the Packers (and every other team they have faced).  The fact that the Lions were barely in the game should indicate to everyone that Favre and Millen did not actually talk about football.

The media needs to lay off Brett Favre.  Seriously, who cares?  Is the NFL that boring that the media has to create controversy?  Games are much more interesting than the drama created behind closed doors.

What people do not realize is the toll it can take on a person.  Imagine being called a liar and having your former team come out and say they don't like how you acted.  Now, imagine your former team treating you like crap when you never even said anything about football.

Brett Favre is a good person.  He is a family man and a legend at quarterback.  People will remember Favre for what he did on the field and all the records he holds; not the one conversation he had with Matt Millen.  Let this rest! 

The NFL and media need to stop creating drama.  Let the players play and the fans enjoy the game.  It will be more fun that way.