Brazilian Grand Prix Race Results: My Predictions

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

Will Lewis' MP4-23 make it to the end of the race? Yes it did.  Will Lewis be forced off the track?  No he wasn't.  Finally, Who is going to be the F1 Drivers Champion?  Your champion is Lewis Hamilton.

Well, that's all the questions from the past week answered.

With a seven-point lead coming into this Grand Prix many would have said that the win was a "given," but those who actually watched last year's race here in Interlagos would have had their reservations.

Pole position had served Massa well until the first round of pit stops which saw him take a slightly longer stop than Lewis. Hamilton used the power in the MP4-23 and secured P1 around lap 19.

From then on, Lewis controlled the race, making very few errors. Massa, on the other hand, fought until the end and never gave up hope of a mistake from the Brit.

Strategies played a huge part in today's race and the shorter fueled Lewis Hamilton used this to his advantage to run a longer middle stint on the favoured tyre. Ferrari, though, didn't seem to know which tyre they favoured, with Massa opting for the harder Bridgestone for the middle and final stint of the race.

The weather stayed clear and dry, allowing Ferrari to stay hot on the tail of McLaren. But the McLaren was clearly quicker around Interlagos' tighter corners, meaning the Ferrari couldn't quite make the pace up.

Kovalainen seemed to struggle from the start, but soon managed to control the car and pull over the line in seventh place, meaning Ferrari, as many would have guessed, won the Constructors Championship title for 2008.

Kimi Raikkonen played a very small part in this race, always seeming to stay in a comfortable third place and happy to just assist in the Constructors win.

Many thought that Hamilton's nemesis, Fernando Alonso, would play an important role in the race, but the Spaniard found this difficult back in sixth place with the McLaren staying well clear of the Renault all weekend.

A fantastic result for Lewis Hamilton, a great result for Ferrari, and the 2008 Formula One season comes to an end with the final standings of the Brazilian Grand Prix as follows:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Felipe Massa
3. Kimi Raikkonen
4. Robert Kubica
5. Nick Heidfeld
6. Fernando Alonso
7. Heikki Kovalainen
8. Jarno Trulli
9. Timo Glock
10. Mark Webber
11. Sebastian Vettel
12. Nico Rosberg
13. Giancarlo Fisichella
14. David Coulthard
15. Rubens Barrichello
Ret. Nelson Piquet, Jr.
Ret. Jenson Button
Ret. Adrian Sutil
Ret. Kazuki Nakajima


This article is purely a prediction of the final standings.  The content is purely to get my opinions and predictions accross.