Fishing: The 5 Best Lures for When the Spawn Is on

Kevin FafinskiContributor IJune 16, 2011

Fishing: The 5 Best Lures for When the Spawn Is on

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    Spring time is when the Bass come out and start feeding after a long lethargic winter. This is the most exciting time of the year for Bass anglers.

    All winter fisherman around the country have been daydreaming about catching a big 'ol Bass on their favorite lure. But it is important to know what kinds of lures catch the fish that your after.

    From frogs to the traditional worm I will take you through the five best lures for springtime angling.

5. Spinnerbait

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    Spinnerbait's are one of the most fun lures to catch big Bass on. They weigh a lot for a lure so you can really whip them out there when casting long distances.

    Spinnerbait's are very good during the springtime because not all of the weeds have sprouted up since the winter, do you can put them in areas that are otherwise not accessible during the hot days of summer.

    Many anglers put on a trailer hook so that Bass that strike late on the quick moving lure in fact get hooked.Trailer hooks are a good idea when you are missing hook sets. They give that added length so that you have better hook ups.

4. Buzz Bait/Plugs/Frogs

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    When the water is calm and the lake is silent, there is no better sight than your top water lure getting destroyed on the surface by a monster Bass.

    A Buzz Bait can be very helpful for a better hook up ratio when on the lake. The single hook can drive into the Bass's lip with minimal effort. These are also very helpful because they make a very good disruption on top of the water which drive the Bass crazy.

    Plugs are another excellent choice for top water fishing. They imitate an injured bait fish when fished correctly. Since there is a treble hook attached you really don't even need to set the hook if you don't want to run the risk of losing the fish.

    Frogs in my opinion are the best choice for top water action. You would never guess that a frog is part of the Bass's appetite but they love them. The most exciting form of fishing that I have ever done is frog fishing. The YUM Money Frog is my choice of frog. It's life like paddling legs just tempt the Bass to no end. I have had very good success with This frog.

3. Live Bait

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    Live bait may be the most effective way to catch Bass during the springtime. You must ask yourself is this actually fun?

    While live bait probably catches the most fish, it takes a lot of the sport out of fishing. You just throw it out and sit there until you get something. It takes all the skill out of finding where the Bass are and seeing what they want. It's like cheating in my mind.

2. Crankbaits

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    Crankbaits are probably the most recognizable lures out there. When people think about a fishing lure they think of a crankbait.

    In the spring these can be very effective because the Bass are hungry and will chase after it. Also because the weeds are not fully developed for the summer so you can get by with less snags in the weeds.

    Crankbaits come in all different shapes and sizes. Choosing one is all about the conditions around you and what the Bass are in the mood for. I think they deserve the number two spot on this list.

1. Soft Plastics

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    Soft plastics are without a doubt the No. 1 lure for spring fishing.

    You can flip and pitch or do any other types of retrievals with these. They are best used Texas rigged, because you can throw them into heavy cover without a snag and locate exactly where the Bass are. Soft plastics are the oldest way to catch fish, but they still work today.

    A Texas rigged worm is the most versatile lure on the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. Bass cannot resist them, and haven't been able to for years.

    They deserved the No. 1 spot on this list.