The End of the Road for Salomon Gonzales?

...Senior Writer IOctober 27, 2008

Seven months ago, a brash new artist that went by the name of Salomon Gonzales joined the already star-studded team of Bleacher Report.

74 articles later, I have decided to put a hold on my B/R involvement. Now, before you readers go ahead and put this down to Chelsea losing their unbeaten home record, I must stress, it is not!

Yes, the loss was hard to take. Yes, I am hurting real bad because of it. Although I (and everybody else) knew it had to go someday, as Alan McGuiness said it, I just wish it had come against different opposition.

I was thinking about squeezing in one final article in before bowing out. It would either have been an in-depth analysis of Chelsea's 86 game unbeaten run or one last Chelsea Roundtable. However, I decided against doing so and I am going to allow Alan McGuiness to have pleasure of doing it instead.

Although, I was terribly inconsistent with my writings, I'd like to believe that I was perceived as one of the better writers and one of the more likably writers on B/R.

I did my best to try and interact with fellow World Football writers and my readers. Writers such Andrew McNair, Salaar Shamsi, SB and Simon Williams were here when I joined and helped me ease right in.

Writers who joined after myself such as, Shyam Parthasarathi, Marzia Hazra, Barney Corkhill, Alex Diamond and Alan McGuiness have all more than played their part in making my stay here very pleasant.

Also a special thanks must go to Alex Diamond for his cool and professional edits.

During the seven months, I have managed to get 74 articles in. I posted 1370 comments on various articles written by my fellow writers.

I managed to amass 29 pick of the day votes, which is greatly appreciated.

I recieved a total of 954 comments to 74 articles.

I also managed to win over 45 fans, which i extremely proud of.

And finally, I recieved 49,433 article reads.

I am not saying I will be gone for good, but so much is going on right now that I will not have time to write as much as before. Given the fact that I was terribly inconsistent to begin with, I dont think it will be worth the effort.

Uni has to take priority over B/R and in the end it is a choice I have had to make.

To be brutally honest, I think B/R is losing its appeal. More and more writers are starting to turn in one article a week, when we used to have writers turning in 2-3 articles a day!

In the end I'd just like to say a special thanks to Zander, Ryan and all the rest of B/R community.

It was good while it lasted!!

I hereby step down and leave the Chelsea Community Leader throne to fellow community leader Alan McGuniess, who was doing a far better job than me anyway!

Thank you all for a wonderful time..

P.S.. Feel free to post note on my bulletin to let me know about new articles. I'd be glad to pop by and leave my opinion here and there.

So long folks!!


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