Ohio State's Monster.com Posting: "Will Pay Top Euro for Offensive Coordinator!"

onezuke18Correspondent IOctober 27, 2008

I'm sick...physically ill. If I have to watch the 2008 edition of the Ohio State offense again, I might just vomit all over the computer screen and then hit send, and that will be my article for next week.

WHEW! That felt good to get off my chest. Almost like a good ol' verbal teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol for the tummy. As a matter of fact, it felt so good, I think I'm gonna drink myself a whole verbal bottle full...

Explain to me, the "common man," who doesn't know the true intellect of football, how you can go count 'em...one...two...three college football games during a singular season without scoring an offensive touchdown?!?!

Better yet, explain to me, the "ignorant fan," the following numbers out of 120 Division I college football teams...

- 95th in the NCAA in passing offense

- 24th in the NCAA in rushing offense (mind you, this is what Ohio State does AT LEAST 75 percent of the time)

- 67th in the NCAA in scoring offense

- 95th in the NCAA in total offense

- 41st in the NCAA in third down efficiency

- 99th in the country in sacks allowed

Now for the greatest riddle of all: If an offense can't throw the football, can't convert third downs, and can't protect the quarterback...how does it score???

Ah...but it's a trick question, because if you are THE Ohio State University, you don't know what the end zone is unless you are the defense and special teams! Because it's become perfectly clear that this offense can't find it.

Jim Bollman should be fired IMMEDIATELY...IMMEDIATELY. And they should scour the country to find an assistant coach to try to teach this offensive line how to friggin' block!

Chris Wells, your preseason All-American tailback, your workhorse...22 carries, 55 yards for a grand whopping total of 2.5 yards per carry! The offensive line got no push, there were no holes, no cutback lanes, nothing...

Alex Boone (6'8", 316), Bryant Browning (6'4", 312), Ben Person (6'4", 323), Steve Rehring (6'7", 335), Jim Cordle (6'4", 300), Michael Brewster (6'5", 295)...Not one player under 295, and you're gonna try and tell me that you can't make a hole?

This isn't just about Penn State: it's about Ohio, Troy, and USC too. The only thing consistent about this unit all year has been its inconsistencies. When Michael Brewster, a true freshman, is your best offensive lineman among four-year starters and multi-year starting seniors...there is a big problem.

And don't tell me that the reason OSU can't run the football is because the Buckeyes aren't a threat to throw the ball deep. It's garbage.

Navy leads the nation in rushing annually, and everyone from the opposing head coach to Lil' Tommy the 10-year-old popcorn vendor in section 146 ZZZ knows it's coming. But the Naval Academy offensive line, (which by the way, probably AVERAGES about 275 pounds per lineman), are tough, hard-nosed, and disciplined. They know their assignments and they execute them, and they carry out their game plan.

Oh...game plan? Almost forgot! Leads me to my next dose of Pepto...

An offensive coordinator for Ohio State...I think the time has come for the alumni association, the board of trustees, and the fanbase to rise up together and DEMAND one. And NO...I don't mean a "co-offensive coordinator" like Jim Bollman claims to be. And NO...I don't mean bringing in some coordinator who is a puppeteer for Jim Tressel.

I'm talking a full-blown, independent, young, energetic, filled with new ideas, offensive coordinator that Jim Tressel can have a good working relationship with.

Because I, along with the rest of BuckeyeNation, am sick to death of an offense that used to have explosive weapons all over the field (Terry Glenn, Eddie George, David Boston, Joey Galloway, Teddy Ginn, Rickey Dudley, Maurice Clarett etc....etc....etc....) and has potential now with DeVier Posey, Lamaar Thomas, Terrelle Pryor, Chris Wells, Brian Robiskie etc....being wasted in the philosophy of "Tresselball."

This is an offense where our offensive coordinator thinks the most important play in football is the punt! Wrong, Mr. Tressel: The most important play in football is the play that gets you first downs, moves the damn chains, and gets you into the end zone! That's the most important play in football!

I know I'm angry right now. I also know that this isn't a nonsensical rant. These are well thought-out sentiments that are being expressed with the hint of "Tresselballitis" that is rumbling from the pit of my stomach.

It may not seem like it from this article, but I'm an Ohio State fan and a Jim Tressel fan. I think he is an excellent leader of young men. I think he is centered as an individual, wise, and offers a great father figure to the players. But I think we are coming to some dead ends as a program.

I've been told on many occasions by people "in the know" that Jim Tressel won't give up play calling duties. Well, I think it's time for the people above him to make him do just that. If Jim Tressel can't understand that, is he really still right for this program any more?

A coach has to be willing to adapt. A coach has to be willing to change. If you can't do that, you risk your program becoming stale. Yes, Ohio State is Jim Tressel's football program, but he still answers to alumni, to board members, and to you, the fan—and it's about time we start demanding some change.

There is absolutely no reason this team should be as inept as they are offensively. None...N-O! N-E!...zero, zilch, nada...This team has talent across the board to get inventive, creative, and become explosive.

Ohio State has the talent offensively to be just as prolific as the Texas Techs, Missouris, Oklahoma States, Oregons and Illinois of the world. None of them have "recruited" to the level of Ohio State, so why are they outperforming us?!?!?

Bottom line, stop wasting this team's offensive talent. Fire Bollman, who can't motivate this offensive line to block, and open up the world's largest athletic department budget to hire an offensive coordinator that can help find an offense that, excluding '06-'07, has been absent for the past 10 years.

Hell, at least get us into the Top 50 in most offensive categories (I know we're not like Ohio State or anything). Let's see what we can do...if that isn't asking too much.