Fishing: A Tribute to the Legendary Angler Bill Dance

Kevin FafinskiContributor IJune 16, 2011

Utter Perfection
Utter Perfection

I don't know about any of you, but anytime I see the Tennessee Volunteers logo I immediately think of fishing legend Bill Dance. Most sports enthusiasts would think of the actual college. But avid fisherman like myself think of the old but still very mobile Bill Dance.

From his witty sayings to his making fun of his own weight, he has captured a small but loyal group of fans. He has always taught very useful information about fishing and even about the bass himself.

Most people don't know about his career on the B.A.A.S. Masters tour, but he was very successful. He was perhaps the best to ever be on the circuit and received many awards. One of these awards was being inducted into the International Fishing Game Hall of Fame.

He landed the first Bass in B.A.A.S. history. Bill won the 1970, 1974 and 1977 B.A.A.S. Angler of the Year award. The legend has 23 titles and seven B.A.S.S. titles to his name.


Oh, and by the way, he is in the National Freshwater Hall of Fame. But that was a given.

I will always remember the knowledge I gained from watching his shows and how much my fishing improved. Bill was always smiling and loved his job and was very good at it.

Perhaps one of the best things about Mr. Dance was his bloopers tape. This video gave me so many laughs. You really get to know more about Bill as a person through these tapes. My personal favorite is when he fell into the water with a battery or when the snake fell out of the tree and hits him in the head.

I will always remember the way he talks to the fish and says some hilarious things to them.

I guess to sum up this article, I can say this: I would be a happy man if I grew up to be Bill Dance.