Eddie Jordan: Hamilton Must Be Prepared For Ambush

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 26, 2008

Former Jordan team-boss, Eddie Jordan, has warned Lewis Hamilton that he could be faced with some foul-play in the seasons final race at Brazil.

Lewis heads into the race with a seven point advantage over Ferrari's Felipe Massa, this means he can come as low as fifth even if Massa goes over the line first.

Referring to the shunt that Massa gave Hamilton at Fuji, Jordan believes that Hamilton should be on the look-out for some "professional fouls."

Jordan also believes that if Massa tries anything "dirty" that the British driver wouldn't even hesitate to retaliate.

"“People may not like me for saying this, but if Massa tries to take him out as he did in Japan in order to steal the title then Lewis has to be ready for it,” Jordan said in an interview with the Daily Express.

“If he tries that on then Lewis has to turn his wheel into Massa to ensure he does not finish the race either, he has to take his wheel off.”

Jordan believes that Lewis can afford to play a "conservative" race in Brazil and should take a leaf out of his former team-mate's and nemesis, Fernando Alonso's, book after his 2005 and 2006 back-to-back championships.

“Alonso may not care much for Lewis but he has shown him how to win the title,” said Jordan.

“He has won two out of the last three races by driving consummately, professionally and calmly.

“You did not see him doing that by taking unnecessary risks.

“Lewis could do a lot worse than learn from that.”

One thing is for certain however, if it comes down to a scrap and the Ferrari comes off worse, we can expect the stewards to intervene no matter which driver was at fault, this in itself will result in Lewis Hamilton losing the title if he was to go on and win it.

It looks as though it could be wise to stay well clear of the red cars this weekend, and just target getting the MP4-23 home as high up as possible.