What Formula 1 Can Take From Other Forms Of Motorsport

Daniel LamCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

The world of Formula 1 has many tough opponent series, whether it be an open wheel series, bikes or tin tops, whether based in the US, Europe or elsewhere; what can Formula 1 learn from them?


Though Formula management (FOM) improved their interface in 2004, F1 lacks the viewer friendly interface to that of NASCAR. With the ability to follow several cars at the pitstops with split-screen coverage, follow gaps between drivers updated in real-time, rotating Cameras that allow viewers to have a 360 degrees view from cars, which automatically clean themselves (this is available in Indycar, which effectively means it would be possible in F1) and more camera angles either in the ground, mechanic helmets or on the walls. F1 however retains an interface that isn't consistent, and has very few camera angles with fixed cameras looking one direction on the cars.

Team Radio

Constant live chatter between team and crew is broadcast during NASCAR. In Formula 1 however, team radio is delayed, with teams allowed to withhold their conversations from the airwaves, which Ferrari and McLaren make heavy use of. The radios should be open and free for TV stations to use and fans at the track to listen to.

Website and Online

Well not much can be said about F1's official website. With the exception of exclusive interviews and some analysis, that is pretty much about it for Formula 1's official site. With only live timing and a highlights package of races; Formula 1 lacks the interactive state of the Indycar website which features a free live video stream, competitions, and user interactions with the user able to upload models, designs, and pictures. Furthermore, FOM chooses to delete all videos on sites like youtube, on the other hand Indycar even has its own account with videos frequently uploaded.

Driver Personalities

With the tough and undulating world of F1, drivers are normally told to keep their mouths closed by teams. Though some speak their minds and normally get the noggins knocked off, the personally and charisma is not compared to that of MotoGP riders. The world of MotoGP is generally more exciting, with the characters of Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and the up and coming Marco Simoncelli spicing up the excitement off track with their charismatic acts and crazy hair do's unlike the clean cut straight cuts of F1 drivers

Post Race Celebrations

After  winning a race or even a World Championship, drivers are just told to return to pits and pick up marbles off the track, however in other racing series, particularly American based series such as NASCAR and Indycar, drivers are allowed to do Burnouts and donuts. In contrast, this is banned in Formula 1. MotoGP riders also are known for their celebrations, along with the typical wheelie, riders like Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have prepared acts they do, for say Rossi's celebration at Motegi and Lorenzo's "Lorenzo Land". Though these celebrations can't be done in F1, for sure burnouts and donuts could be done after a race. Even NASCAR drivers have post race celebrations with burnouts and back-flips, so why not F1?

So these are some possibilities Formula 1 can replicate, whether it can be possible or not, only time will tell. The acts that rely on the drivers may not be possible but the rest can be easily possible. But nevertheless, these ideas would all make Formula 1 as a whole, more exciting and entertaining to viewers.

These ideas are the only ones I can think of on the spot, surely there are many more.