And The New World Champion Is...BATISTA!

George ButcherCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

Last night's Cyber Sunday went off with a bang as we saw exciting action. Championships changed hands and pride was certainly earned. This could well be one of the best ppv's of the entire year so far.

To start the night, Rey Mysterio took on Kane in which the stipulations became very high. The fans had voted for a "No Holds barred" match and somehow, Mysterio came out on top.

It was an exhilarating match-up. Kane went for the chock slam a few times, but Mysterio gave him a 619 and won the match.

The ECW title match followed, and Hardy's opponent was Evan Bourne. Hardy seemed too strong for Bourne and managed to pull off a twist of fate for the win. Hardy was still the champion and is now looking better than ever.

The third match in was the tag team match up, and Morrison & Miz took on Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme looked to take the match in their favor, but once again Morrison & Miz got the victory. They managed to somehow have the ref distracted and then capitalised at the last.

Next in was Big Show against Undertaker, and Vickey Guererro announced it was a last man standing match. This was most certainly the biggest back and forth contest.

Taker kept getting up on eight and nine, but somehow after being chock slammed through the announcers table and thrown around by Show, Taker used his illegal Triangle chock to weaken the big show.

Like in the ending of Rocky 2, Taker was the one up on the 10 count. The dead man was victorious and looked to be in great shape still.

To everyone's surprise, Jeff Hardy was taking on Triple H on his own for the WWE title. Throughout this exciting match, Hardy was close to winning so many times.

However, he made one crucial mistake when he went up for a second swanton bomb which was countered by The game as he put his knees up. Jeff was back on the top rope after a short while, but Triple H got on there with him and turned it into a pedigree. Once again Jeff was only three seconds worse than Triple H.

The following match was not shown on television, as Shelton Benjamin beat R-Truth for the title. He was for then on bragging on for a long while.

And the main event...Batsita fought Chris Jericho for the world title. Stone Cold was the special referee.This was by far the best match of the night, as either guy could have won for many reasons.

As the match started, Jericho stared down the rattle snake and then slapped Batista round the face. Batista was so close a numerous amount of times to becoming the victor and it seemed the match was completely on his side. Somehow however, Batsita knocked down Stone Cold after Jericho ducked, and a new ref was needed when Jericho hit Batista with a code-breaker.

It was Shawn Michaels who came to the animals aid, as he did the slowest count ever because of his and Jericho's on going rivalry. JBL then intruded as he close lined Michaels and took him out of the match. Orton then came down and let Jericho hit Batista with the title.

Batista managed to mearly kick out after a two count and the match was to be continued. Orton then got a surprise as standing behind him was the rattle snake, who stunnered him straight to hell. Steve Austin then went for a stunner on Jericho but it was reversed. Jericho then turned round and got spine-bustered by the animal.

Batista then went all out for the win when he gave Jericho a Batista-Bomb!

One...two...three!!! New world heavyweight champion...BATISTA!

He has recaptured the world title for the fourth time in his career and i don't know if anyone will be able to beat him. I do know one thing though...we have a new world heavyweight champion on Raw.

But with survivor series just round the corner, nobody knows what to expect...But do expect John Cena.