Florida—Georgia Preview: Let The War Begin.

Micah GreenCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

Georgia pass offense—Florida pass defense

Matthew Stafford has had a good season thus far, averaging 243.25 ypg. The Florida secondary has improved greatly after a horrid campaign last year. They only give up 170.7 ypg...seventeenth in the nation.


Georgia rush offense—the Florida rush defense

Knowshon Moreno comes into the game averaging 115.63 ypg (the whole team averages 172.8 ypg). Last year he left Florida picking up there pants, after he had paddled it. Florida's front seven (who allow only 102.7 ypg on the ground) will not soon forget that.


Florida pass offense—Georgia pass defense

Tim Tebow will come into Jacksonville with a 202.14 ypg average. The Georgia pass defense has allowed 221.3 ypg this season...78th in the nation. This has been Georgia's weak spot this year. If they don't fix that then this secondary will have a long day.


Florida rush offense—Georgia rush defense

Florida has depended on a few freshman speedsters this year for a run game. As a team they average 196 rush ypg... unfortunately these freshman have not faced the best run defense they play against until this Saturday.

This Georgia run defense has allowed only 76.9 rush ypg. Expect Florida to run halfback screens on a over pursuring defense early. Georgia's linebackers will be all over the field though.


Special teams

Florida wins this battle. With one of the nation's top returners in Brandon James they will have a advantage.


As much as all these stats matter and will help either team...they won't mean all that much come Nov. 1. This will be the game of the year and decide who goes to Miami. This is war!!!

P.S. Go Gators!!!!!!!!