Top 10 NBA Players In The Game Today

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IOctober 26, 2008

These players have a gift for the game that most people can only dream about having. They have the body, they have the fundamentals, and they have the heart to be the best. Here are the Top 10 Best NBA Players in the game today.

10. Amare Stoudemire (PHX, PF/C)

Amare is ranked at ten because when healthy, he is one of the most powerful big men down low. He has the talent to drive the ball to the basket and once he passes the free throw line, there is no way of stopping him from slamming the ball right through the net.

To add to his athletic arsenal, Amare has the ability to practically shoot from all angles of the court. His FG percent in the 07-08 season was 59 percent along with 25.2 ppg 9.1 rpg, and 2.1 bpg. Amare still has room for improvement and can easily move his way up in the rankings this season as long as he can stay healthy.

9. Deron Williams (UTA, PG)

Deron Williams is one of the best point-guards in the game today, arguably the best. Last season Deron was ranked as one of the best fantasy players in the NBA averaging 18.8 points, 10.5 assists (second most in the league), 3.0 rebounds, and one steal.

We all saw what Deron was about in the 07-08 season and he ranks where he is because of how great he played for the USA team. He is only 24-years-old and still has potential to become the best point-guard in the NBA today.

8. Dwight Howard (ORL, C)

Dwight Howard has the perfect body for the NBA, standing 6 feet 11 inches and weighing 265 lbs. It gives him the ability to absolutely punish any defender that tries to match-up against him. To add to that, it also has kept him from missing any games in his four seasons in the league.

At 22 years of age Dwight will dominate the NBA for many years to come and will easily move up on the rankings for best player in the game today (as long as he can win at least one championship!).

7. Kevin Garnett (BOS, PF)

Kevin Garnett has a career average of 20.4 points, 11.2 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.6 blocks, and 1.4 steals and has appeared in 10 All Star games during his NBA career.

Finally winning a Championship has guaranteed KG into the Hall of Fame. In the NBA today, I believe Garnett belongs at No. 7 only for the fact that he is now getting older, at 32 years of age, and will slowly start to lose his athleticism for the game.

6. Dwyane Wade (MIA, SG)

It’s pretty amazing to say that Wade has only been in the league for five years. Dwyane is an extremely gifted player with the talent to beat anybody in the league today. His career numbers are 23.9 points, 6.5 assists, 4.8 rebounds, 1.7 steals, and a little less than a block per game.

He has the ability to become one of the best players in the history of the NBA. Wade is ranked No. 6 with high potential of becoming one of the top three best players in the game today.

5. Chris Paul (NOH, PG)

If the definition point-guard is in the dictionary, CP3’s picture better be on it. He is flat out the best point-guard in the league today. Chris has absolutely mastered the fundamentals of the PG position and has an extremely great vision for the game.

To go along with his passing, he knows how to steal the ball, drive it to the lane, and shoot from anywhere on the court. Last season CP3 averaged 21.1 points, 11.6 assists, 4.0 rebounds, 2.7 steals, with 48.8 FG percent and 85 percent from the free throw line.

Chris Paul has established himself in the league and already looks like a veteran on the court. It’s scary to think that he has only been in the league for three years. Chris Paul will certainly become one of the best point-guards ever.

4. Allen Iverson (DEN, PG/SG)

With a career average of 27.7 points per game in 12 seasons and scoring over 2,000 points in four of them, you can call A.I a scoring machine. Not one coach has had an answer to stop “the answer.”

The little 6 foot tall, 180 pound guard has had his way with thousands of players since he stepped foot on the NBA court.  His rookie season he even crossed Michael Jordan and drained a jumper in his face. (You can find it on You Tube if you don’t believe me!)

Allen Iverson is now 33-years-old and still has what it takes to run up and down the court. No. 4 is the perfect place for Iverson to be ranked.

3. Tim Duncan (SAS, PF/C)

At age 32 this is the right spot for Duncan to be placed; although, health has never been a major issue for Duncan (lets hope I don’t jinx it!). Duncan has the body to bully around anyone in the paint and he also has a nice touch to bank the ball off the glass.

His career averages for 11 seasons in the NBA are 21.6 ppg, 11.8 rpg, 3.1 apg, and 2.4 bpg. Clearly Duncan is not just a re-bounder and a shooter, he also contributes in dishing the ball out to teammates and blocking anybody that enters his path. Duncan also has a few trophies that prove he should be ranked third in this list.

Tim was one of only nine players that won both MVP of the season and MVP of the playoffs in the same season which occurred in the 02-03 season. To add to that, Duncan has four championship rings and has been MVP of the league twice.

2. Lebron James (CLE, SF)

Lebron James isn’t named “The King” for no reason. LJ is one of only three players in NBA history to average at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists in their season. To add to that, he is one of only four players in NBA history to average at least 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists in a single season (05-06 & 07-08).

At 6 feet 8 inches and weighing 250 pounds, Lebron James has the ideal physique of an NBA legend. His talent for the game cannot be matched by anyone else in the league. The King will become the best player in the NBA within a matter of seasons.

1. Kobe Bryant (LAL, SG)

Entering the league at the tender age of 18 forced Bryant to mature quickly. In his second season he was voted as a starter for the 1998 All-Star Game and became the youngest player at 19 to become an All-Star in NBA history.

In the 05-06 season, Kobe scored 81 points in one game, ranking him second in history for most points scored in a single game. To add to that, Kobe has won three championships and is the most known person to be compared to Michael Jordan.

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players that have ever played the game and that is why he is awarded as the best player in the game today.