Video: 5 Insane Gogoplata Finishes

Matt Molgaard@MattmolgaardCorrespondent IIIJune 15, 2011

Video: 5 Insane Gogoplata Finishes

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    The gogoplata submission isn’t the mysterious offensive finisher it once was.  Although it does remain a rare finishing maneuver, it has become increasingly popular since Nick Diaz utilized the choke to submit the durable Takanori Gomi way back at Pride 33.

    Since then we’ve seen a nice handful of gogo’s.  Amazingly, men of all size seem capable of executing the submission, which requires an insane amount of dexterity.

    Take a look at five incredible gogoplata finishes, from some of the sports most famous to the hungry and technical youngsters.

5. Ryusuke Uemura vs. Isao Terada

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    At first glance it seems Isao Terada is in control of this match.  He remains fairly heavy from the top position, sustaining seemingly zero damage.

    Ryusuke Uemura’s rubber guard, however, proves to be too dangerous to linger in too long. Terada’s safety zone quickly becomes a tangled web.

    Before Terada can say gogoplata, Uemura is securing a nice tight one—forcing the finish in just 2:06.

4. JT Wells vs. Ryan Bastianelli

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    These two engaged in a closely contested bout for a whole seven minutes.

    This grappling affair looked like it may prove to be an eventual stalemate, but JT Wells had some different plans.

    Midway through the second frame Wells locked up a nasty gogoplata from the bottom, and squeezed extra tight. Ryan Bastianelli had no choice but to tap the canvas, exiting the loser at Rage In The Cage 103.

3. Shinya Aoki vs. Katsuhiko Nagata

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    It’s no surprise to see Shinya Aoki make this list. The man is a submission machine, and he’s finished foes with just about every submission you can name.

    In this specific case, Shinya secured a tight gogoplata from the top position on Katsuhiko Nagata, who never had the slightest chance of escaping.

    The end came just over five minutes into the bout.

2. Brad Imes vs. Bo Cantrell

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    Bo Cantrell may not seem like the greatest challenge to your average heavyweight, but that’s not what makes this gogoplata so special.

    What makes this finisher amazing is the fact that the 6’7”, 260 pound Brad Imes managed to secure the submission.

    It’s one thing to spot an agile lightweight with the ability to successfully apply a gogo, but to see a man of Imes’ size is astonishing.

1. Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi

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    This fight was an amazing clash, from beginning to abrupt conclusion.

    In the bout's earlier goings Takanori Gomi served Nick Diaz a pugilistic pummeling.

    Gomi dropped Diaz with a big punch that opened up a massive gash on the Stockton natives face, then fell right into one of the cleanest gogoplatas the MMA world has ever seen.

    This one is a must see!