Arianny Celeste: The UFC's Number One Octagon Girl

Gregory ChaseCorrespondent IJune 15, 2011

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 27:  Octagon girl Arianny Celeste signals the start of round three at UFC 127 at Acer Arena on February 27, 2011 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

The Octagon girls are no strangers to anyone who is a fan of MMA. Their simple, yet important role in an event is sometimes overlooked.

Their jobs at the events are to put on their outfits, and then hold round cards up while walking around the perimeter of the cage. Simple. But along with that, they play a bigger role.

It is always nice to have balance, and for a sport filled with predominantly sweaty, half-naked men wrestling on the ground or in a hold, having some ladies next to the cage and between rounds is a welcomed thing for most.

But for these girls, it does not have to be that simple. Take Arianny Celeste for example. Arguably the most popular card girl now, and maybe most popular to date, she has created her own image and identity just as significant as any of the fighters. She is becoming just as well known and media friendly as some of the MMA executives.

Why is this?

She does not simply just do her job and leave it at that. She extends her involvement with the company and remains in the public eye. Of course her physical appearance tends to be half of the equation, but she is also involved in more organization functions.

Arianny hosts the’s popular UFC Ultimate Insider, which is a weekly installment of news, interviews, recaps and more. Not only that, she almost always attends any social function the UFC puts on.

Meeting her for the first time, she seemed very willing to engage her fans and be amongst them, instead of on a stage or in front of a barricade. Whether it is a fan expo, community outreach or other promotional outlet, her face is always around somewhere.

Currently, she is becoming more fluent with media outreach. With her cover debut of Maxim and being put in their Hot 100 list, she has made herself known to the world outside of MMA.

But then she took it a little further. Arianny was featured as the cover girl of Playboy magazine in November of 2010. Once again, she created a media boom that would continue to resonate.

Sometimes when a celebrity has always been covered up and people wanted them to show more skin, once they do, they can lose some of their luster. For Arianny, she has continued to put herself out there and it helps in a counteracting way.

Her recent commercial with Bud Light, which features her topless surrounded by limes, is nothing short of a perfect example of “sex sells."  Also, she is the newest cover girl for the latest issue of UFC magazine. This continuous growth aides in retaining her popularity.

She has created an image so successful that even the UFC online store has given Ms. Celeste her own cardboard standup along with big name fighters. She is featured fashioning the newest apparel for the UFC and is involved with the video games as well.

We do not know how long her reign of popularity will last, but she will still be a significant part of UFC history, just as Rachelle Leah had done before her. Wherever the UFC goes, Arianny Celeste is surely to be alongside.

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