Attention Cleveland Cavaliers: Either Win a Championship Soon or None at All

Thomas H.Correspondent IOctober 26, 2008

Attention, all Cleveland players and fans!

You may not realize it, but LeBron might not be there for long.

In 2010, his big contract ends. More than one team wants him, including the New York Knicks and the New Jersey (Brooklyn, soon) Nets. What does that mean? Your playoff hopes only last two more years. 

He averaged 30 points per game last year, could have won the MVP, and is arguably the most dominant player in the NBA. His surrounding cast isn't bad—with Ilgauskas a double-double center, Delonte West looking good and Wally taking threes, he isn't alone.

But compare him to Kobe, who has a surrounding cast of Odom, Bynum and Gasol. He controls every single play.

Come 2010, he may leave the Cavaliers in the dust. They had a 2006 NBA Finals appearance and got into the second round last year. Right now, they are supposed to go deep in the playoffs. But if he leaves, will this franchise collapse. He is the face of the franchise, no doubt. 

LeBron will only get better, mark my words. He wants as much advertising money as he can get, and the New York area is as good as possible. He already has more money made from advertisements then anyone in the NBA. If he lived in New York, he would be in a different commercial shoot every weekend.

The Knicks and Nets both have large markets and both want this star on their lineup. The two teams might end up in a long battle to win him—that is, if Cleveland doesn't get him.

In his own way, LeBron told the NY area teams he wanted to be with them. He put the Big Apple higher on his list of favorite cities than Cleveland, which for most players would be career suicide. 

For LeBron? No, he is too good to be bashed. They don't want him, they need him. He isn't a franchise player, he is THE player.

Cleveland has something that just might keep James in the city. His name is Mo Williams, and he averaged over 17 points per game last year. The Cavaliers signed him, and all the sudden LeBron got a sidekick he could rely on.

Why have you never heard of this guy? He was on the no-name Milwaukee Bucks, and was a hidden gem that only the Cleveland GM saw. This makes Cleveland a more driving offensive force than they have been of late: "LeBron has the ball, they passed to LeBron, here is the shot by LeBron."

Mo may make a third 2010 option for LeBron. But when you think about it, he may be gone by then! 

Cavaliers Nation, I want you to stare me in the eyes and think about this. You want to win, right? Well, you have to win soon. If you don't, you guys might be the next Memphis Grizzlies. Actually, no, that may not be possible.

See you soon.