Kyle Drabek Demotion Will Reveal His True Colors

Devon TeepleAnalyst IJune 15, 2011

With Kyle Drabek being sent down to the minors to correct some flaws (walks), this is a time when we will see how the kid can handle some adversity. 

Drabek put together some very impressive performances at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, MLB is not the Eastern League, and the strike zones are two worlds apart. 

Being a rookie and unestablished, anything close is likely a ball. Whether or not it’s because he hasn’t earned his stripes, that’s debatable, but as we have all seen throughout sports, the good calls go to the veterans. 

Part of being a rookie is dealing with failure. Don’t get me wrong, Drabek is immensely talented and has electric stuff. He just has to learn to harness it. 

Drabek will remind a lot of people of a young Dave Stieb: fiery, emotional and full of talent. Control and/or temper issues all come down to trusting yourself and your ability, something Drabek can’t do at this point in time. 

What will separate him from the rest of the pack is how he handles the demotion after reaching the pinnacle. Can Drabek regroup and focus to correct some mechanical and mental flaws? Maybe. Or will he self-destruct like so many others have done? 

What happens if success is not seen after two or three starts? Can the rookie stick to the game plan?

There is no doubt the future of the Blue Jays staff is now playing for their Las Vegas affiliate, and at this point in time, that is perfectly OK. 

A rough weekend against the Red Sox really brought things into perspective for Toronto. With Boston putting up consecutive games of double-digit runs, the typical fourth-place finish is looking very familiar. 

The pitching staff is nowhere close to where it should be. Ace Ricky Romero has a losing record (5-6), blossoming No. 2 starter Brandon Morrow has an ERA near 6.00 and Brett Cecil, who led the staff in wins last year, is correcting his own imperfections in Triple-A.

Alex Anthopoulos has made us very aware that the rebuilding of the team is a work in progress, especially when the roster has many under the age of 25.  Roadblocks are par for the course, but with a surplus of young talent that can rival any in the game, the only thing stopping these young guns from succeeding is themselves.

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