Georgia-LSU: Dawgs Top Tigers with a Gamble, and a Lucky Toothbrush

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst IOctober 26, 2008

The Lucky Toothbrush

I am not a superstitious person. However, as I prepared for the Georgia-LSU game on Saturday morning my mind began to race. Was there anything I could do to help the Dawgs when they took the field in Baton Rouge?

Any advantage in this game could be big. In fact any advantage could be the difference.

Then it hit me. I had recently won a Georgia Bulldogs toothbrush at a company bowling outing. It sat in my bathroom drawer unopened. Should this be the day that I open that package?

What about the Florida game? What if we need it later in the year for a shot at a title?

When we all looked at the schedule for the 2008 season, we knew that this would be the stretch that would most likely determine the fate of the Bulldogs. Four games in four weeks. All four games away from Sanford Stadium.

First up was a trip to Baton Rouge to play the defending champs, the LSU Tigers.

You don't win here, you have no shot at a National title. Why tempt fate? Why wait another week?

I tore the wrapper off my beautiful red and black UGA toothbrush, and helped changed the course of the day.

Don't give me credit? I understand.

But in some small way, I know that my new lucky toothbrush has done its part.


The "Big Three Showed up Big Time"

If you happened to read this week's Creature vs. Creature articles on the Georgia-LSU game, you know that this was one of my points.

I believed that if the "Big Three" showed up and played "Big Time" Georgia could indeed win in Baton Rouge.

I would say that they did just that.

The statistics alone do not tell the story.

Matthew Stafford was incredible. Completing 17-of-26 passes for 249 yards and two TDs sounds like a decent day. But Stafford handled the hostile crowd, made the right audibles, and repeatedly hit the open receiver. There is no doubt that he is the leader of this team.

Knowshon Moreno brought his "A" game as well. Moreno ran for 163 yards. Included in the highlight package was a nifty 68-yard TD gallop. Moreno seems to thrive in these big games. (Check out his stats from the Florida game last season.)

AJ Green also had a big play, taking a Stafford pass 49 yards for a TD. Green ended the day with 89 yards receiving.

Obviously this was a great team effort. But the "Big Three" did their part today—and then some. Big Time!


The Gamble

Darryl Gamble is a backup linebacker—at least he was a few weeks ago. After yesterday, he may be moving up the depth chart.

Injuries secured Darryl Gamble more playing time. His nose for the ball will keep him busy for the rest of the year.

Gamble intercepted Jarrett Lee's first pass on Saturday and returned it 40 yards for a TD. This was not the way Lee, and the Death Valley faithful, wanted to see the game start.

With the game tightening up in the late minutes of the fourth quarter, it was Gamble again intercepting Lee and returning it 53 yards for the score this time.

Lee ended the game with three TDs and three interceptions. Those two plays were the difference in the game.

Gamble started the scoring for the Dawgs, and he finished it.


Final Analysis

Georgia moves on to play Florida in Jacksonville this week. The Florida offensive team must be watching the game tapes from this one with a smile on their faces.

LSU moved the ball all day on the Dawgs. Scott was a beast for LSU. He ran for 144 yards and two TDs.

Lee had his moments, good and bad. Tebow is not Jarrett Lee.

Can Georgia slow down the track meet that is the Florida offense? Georgia will need to stop the Gators early, and control the momentum. I don't think they will be able to depend on turnovers and mistakes by the Gators in Jacksonville.

Offensively, the Dawgs just need to bring it. Stafford, Moreno, Green, and company will need to light up the scoreboard. This could come down to who has the ball last.

If we get a lead, stay aggressive. We did not stay aggressive late in the game against LSU. Three-and-out will not get the job done.


One More Thing

If all else fails, we can always depend on my lucky toothbrush.


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