Tiger Woods: 10 Reasons He Won't Win Another Major Golf Tournament

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIJune 16, 2011

Tiger Woods: 10 Reasons He Won't Win Another Major Golf Tournament

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    The 2011 U.S. Open begins this week without Tiger Woods, who will be missing his first Open in 17 years.

    The former No. 1 player in the world is missing the tournament at Congressional due to a knee injury that has been hampering him for what seems like forever.

    Since returning to competitive golf in 2010, Woods has been winless, begging the question: Will Tiger ever win a tournament again (let alone another Major)?

    It is safe to say that Woods will recapture some of his "prime" playing days and win a few more tournaments. But will he win another Major?

    Here are 10 reasons why Woods won't add another Major trophy to his collection.

10. He Has Not Won a Tournament Since 2009

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    September 12, 2009.

    That was the last time Tiger Woods held up a first place trophy. That was just two months before his affairs became exploited and public.

    Since that tournament, Woods has played in 18 events and only finished in the top-10 four times.  

9. Courses Are Playing Too Tough for Him

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    Do not take this the wrong way. If anyone could pull off the toughest shot in golf, it is Tiger Woods. I admire his creativeness on the golf course.

    However, when it comes to three of the four Majors, the rough is at least six inches high and the courses are long and brutal.

    Woods, because of his knee problems, will continue to have trouble on these narrow and demanding golf courses.

8. Have You Checked His Stats Lately?

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    • No. 1 in the world
    • 298.4 yards driving distance (21st)
    • 68.05 scoring average (1st)
    • 4.15 birdie average (1st)


    • No. 15 in the world
    • 289.1 yards driving distance (85th)
    • 70.45 scoring average (27th)
    • 3.81 birdie average (36th)


    I could go on and on about Wood's decline; however, I will give him some relief because of his past injuries, though.

7. He Is Past His Prime

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    At 35 years old, Tiger Woods (as a golfer) should be in the prime of his career. However, due to injury concerns and his swing style, his prime may have come and gone quicker than most.

    Woods is no longer in his prime, which was actually broken into two periods, from 1999-2002 (27 wins) and also 2005-2008 (25 wins).

6. Woods Still Does Not Have 100 Percent Fan Support

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    Tiger Woods is one of the most focused and determined guys ever, probably in all of sports. Somehow, since his return in 2010, I think the crowd and the media have caused problems for Woods mentally.

    Granted, most fans still root for Woods because he is their childhood hero; but it can only take one guy to screw with your head (see Happy Gilmore).

5. Off-the-Field Issues

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    It does not seem like the media or the fans will ever let what happened in late 2009 out of Tiger's memory.

    He is constantly reminded of his haunting past every single press conference and interview he does. With everything that has gone on in his personal life, it is hard to imagine that none of it has affected his play on the golf course.

4. When Will He Pick a Swing and Stick with It?

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    After being so dominant for one stage of his career, it does not even look now as though Tiger is remotely confident in his fundamental mechanics of his golf swing.

    Woods is now on his third swing change and is hardly growing accustomed to it.

3. Where Has the Tiger-ade Gone?

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    Austin Powers had his mojo. Woods had his "Tiger" version of Gatorade. Ever since he lost his sponsorship with Gatorade, it seemed that Woods has lost a little bit of his own mojo.

    The last time I saw him do his trademark "Tiger Woods fist pump" was back in 2008 when he won the U.S. Open.

2. Tiger Is Lacking Confidence

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    In his prime, Tiger stepped up to his ball 300 yards from the hole and said, "This thing is going in."

    Nowadays, he is probably saying, "OK, let's make a good swing here and see what happens."

    Woods is especially losing confidence in his driver and his putting stroke.

1. Injury Problems

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    I love Tiger and always will, but a person can only control his own body so much.

    After going through a torn ACL and now more knee issues, it looks like Tiger's career is in jeopardy unless he gets enough rest in order for it to heal 100 percent.

    Woods will always be my favorite golfer, but his haunting past, and now his injury concerns, leave critics wondering if he will ever hold up another Major trophy again.