College Football Fans Sigh With Relief After Second OSU Loss

Taylor O'BrochtaContributor IOctober 25, 2008

It seemed as though the 2007 season was going to happen all over again. Ohio State was going to find a way to back itself into the National Championship game for the third time. It was all setting up. They had a new quarterback that the whole nation wanted to see play. Their star running back was back to form, and the Big Ten was showing how easy it actually was.

Ohio State fans had forgotten about the 35-3 butt kicking in L.A. and NCAA fans were worried yet again. Could OSU find its way back into the National Championship? And if they did would it be another dud of a performance? They were starting to get National Championship recognition again and it was scaring every NCAA football fan that doesn't live in Columbus, but with one fumble you could hear the sigh of relief from the nation.

Its over the National Championship hopes for the Ohio State Buckeyes have faded and with it NCAA football fans can relax. There are a lot of OSU haters out there and why not? All they have done is go to back to back national championships, win a Heisman and then land the number one recruit in last year's class. With success comes a lot of haters, but this is different.

After last years National Championship I could only dream of the days of USC vs Texas and even the OSU vs Miami games that were. Back to back one sided SEC wins over the Ohio State Buckeyes had completely soured the taste of the Bowl Season in my mouth. With such an upset season where no one was safe any week was this the way it was going to end?

Then the new season rolled around and OSU yet again was a favorite to make it to the National Championship there was just one game that was standing in their way, and it was a shot for them to prove themselves, but apparently they didn't want to show up for that game.

It was over the nation wouldn't have to watch OSU get trounced again in a National Championship and then came upsets galore and a weak Big Ten and all the sudden OSU was back in it.

Penn Stats slammed the door shut on that Saturday night in the Horse Shoe, and is looking to take themselves to the National Championship. Its not bashing on the Buckeyes to say that NCAA fans are glad they won't be in the National Championship this year and its not hating of the Buckeyes that made so many fans sigh with relief on Saturday night (although I am sure there are a good amount of them out there).

Its the fact that we as a fan base want a better National Championship and the Buckeyes have had two shots at it and three shots to prove they can play with the big dogs and they haven't shown it.

The Buckeyes will go on to win their Bowl Game and with the season shaping up the way that it is they might even get a BCS Bowl Bid, but their National Championship run is over it will be two new teams in it this year, seeing as LSU was handed its second loss on Saturday as well, and to tell you the truth I am excited about that!

Now lets hope that whoever makes it into the National Championship that one of them doesn't lay an egg and we have an actually good game.