WWE: Creative Drops the Ball by Not Putting Our Long Island Hero on Raw

Bryan FloryAnalyst IJune 14, 2011

Last night was the most excited I have been for Raw in years (aside from the Rock unexpectedly showing up).

Why was I so excited? Because Raw was emanating from Long Island, home of Zack Ryder.

There was no possible way that WWE Creative would keep Ryder off of TV this week, especially after his great showing against Kofi Kingston last week.

Stone Cold Steve Austin even went as far as to say that Ryder has a bright future.

So you would think the equation would be: Stone Cold as GM + Ryder's Hometown = Match for Ryder on Raw.

Episode 17 of Z! True Long Island Story was even dedicated to Ryder training for this week's episode.

He tweeted dozens of times this week, "#RyderOrRiot."

But where was Ryder this week? Relegated to Superstars...again.

Words cannot describe how angry I am that I spent three hours watching a show that basically solidified everything we already knew, since it was the lead-in show to Capitol Punishment.

Yes, multiple matches were announced for this Sunday, but you could see these matches coming from a mile away.

WWE had to notice that at every lull in action, the crowd would chant, "We want Ryder!"

And before anyone feels the need to point out, yes, Ryder already wrestled on Superstars, but that's not the point.

I was certain that when Dolph Ziggler came out and it was announced that he would be competing in a tag team match, that Z would be his partner.

And then Jack Swagger's music hit.

I was infuriated.

Listen, it isn't like I (or the thousands of members of the Zack Pack) was asking for Ryder to win the WWE Championship.

I wasn't even necessarily saying that I wanted him to win a match.

I just wanted to have him come out live on Raw and get the credit he deserves for all of the hard work he has put in over the last few months on YouTube.

Maybe WWE Creative didn't want Ryder to get a loud pop on Raw and confuse the casual wrestling fans that think he is a heel. Who knows?

It just dumbfounds me that on a three-hour episode of Raw, Creative could not find five minutes to give to Ryder and let him run with it.

Next week on Raw, the fans control everything that happens on the show through voting at WWE.com.

Hopefully, the power of the IWC (or the 10-percenters, as Eric Bischoff would say), will lead to Ryder playing a role next week.

If we truly are the most vocal of WWE's fans, then we need to capitalize when given the chance.


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