A Typical University of Virginia Season? Let's Hope Not

Justin MehaffeyCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2008

I spent the month of December wondering what had happened to my Cavs.

Sure, we had been winning games, but nothing near impressive. I was at the Syracuse game, and I pin what has happened so far to that point.

Anything that could have gone wrong in that game did. Sean missing all those free throws, forced shots, sickness.

And unfortunately it didn't get any better.

We had a very weak out-of-conference schedule through the rest of the month, but with first halves that looked like an ensuing loss, I started to lose some hope. Then, one of the most lopsided losses in an out-of-conference game for UVA that I've seen, we got embarrassed at Xavier.

Whoever scheduled these extensive layoffs during games sure weren't helping us either, it just seemed like there was no rhythm with this team. Then the first ACC game, Duke, in Durham none the less. We won't even talk about that game, because as hot as Duke is playing right now, there's no wonder we got beat, they shut down our perimeter game and wouldn't allow us inside either. It was just all around tough.

Virginia Tech game into JPJ next, in what proved to be more than the Cavs were prepared to handle, and they lost a heartbreaker in overtime on a shot as the buzzer sounded. The sad part of that game is that Sean was a one man team, scoring nearly half of the Cavaliers points that night.

After a few days of rest, 3-0 in the ACC, Boston College was coming into town. A friend and I decided to drive up and try to get tickets for this one, I'm sure glad I did. Since the Arizona game, this is the first I've seen UVA play as a complete team. There was no one person that was the threat, everyone was.

Sure, there was a lot of room for improvement. Better shot selection, more patience from the perimeter, better transition D, but wow I was impressed. It was a solid win Saturday night, and I couldn't be more proud of the 'Hoos.

Let's see how the season will shape out in the ACC.