WWE: 10 Stars Smackdown Could Use to Balance out the Rosters

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIJune 16, 2011

WWE: 10 Stars Smackdown Could Use to Balance out the Rosters

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    In recent weeks, I think it's become apparent that RAW and Smackdown are completely unbalanced in terms of main-eventers and mid-card talent. RAW has far too many main-event superstars on the roster and not enough time to get them all on air as they should.

    Granted, I'm not saying the whole roster should have TV Time every week, but still, certain superstars are needed when they become synonymous with the show as some have or still a bit new, and need TV time to get over—especially after coming over from Smackdown as is the case with some.

    On the other hand, Smackdown has been hit hard with the draft. The main-event scene has been dwindled down severely with the losses of Edge and Alberto Del Rio—even Big Show who could be used as a contender in a pinch was lost to RAW.

    At this point we're looking at Smackdown and getting Randy Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Mark Henry. OK, but not enough to build a show around for a year until the next draft. Either Smackdown will have to bite the bullet on this one or pull the trigger on a few pushes for the likes of Barrett and Cody Rhodes (with MiTB coming up that should help a bit).

    That said, here's 10 Superstars I would move around to help balance out the shows for both the mid-card and main-event scenes.

Jack Swagger

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    Jack is a superstar with everything it takes to be a main-eventer. He showed this to an extent when he was World Heavyweight Champion. Jack was, in my opinion, a believable champion, and I think that's an aspect a lot of people miss: believability.

    The All-American American American American has a great amateur background, is a former ECW Champion and has the size and strength that not only can appeal to viewers, but if you've noticed, WWE takes a liking too.

    It sucks his attitude got his push derailed, but I think, given another chance and a face turn, Jack could make a comeback.

    He had some alright matches with Orton and a lot of other main-eventers. Even holding his own with Super Cena for a time, recently on RAW.

    In a more recent storyline, Jack is jobbing to Evan "Air" Bourne. Not really how I would book someone like him, but what can you do when you've got haphazard booking.

    Anyway, I'd say move him to Smackdown, turn him face and let him feud with guys like Sheamus, some other entries on this list and rekindle his rivalry with Christian.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler, in my opinion, is a mid-carder on RAW, and while I'm not happy about how it happened, he can be seen as a legit main-eventer on Smackdown, do to the pressure on mic skills being gone.

    Dolph works well and could have some exciting matches with main-eventers and mid-carders, and it helps because facing either he doesn't look too out of place. He could easily be going head to head with Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton.

    Ziggler on Smackdown is something that didn't need changing. Especially being that the only thing taken from it was an 11-minute WHC run. I think, if done again, Ziggler could be a good main-eventer, and it helps that he has the ability to make his opponents look good as he did with Orton and Cena months ago.

    I say we keep him a heel and send him back to Smackdown. It's a win for everyone, because he's not really needed in RAW's mid-card. They have New Nexus and all the guys on Superstars to pick from as far as mid-carders go to challenge for the U.S. Belt.

Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley is a good superstar. He's young, not bad in the ring or the mic, and he's got the look of both a face and the ability to be a heel as well. Also, I think A-Ry also is good in the fact he doesn't look out of place anywhere on the card.

    A-Ry as The Varsity Villian is the kind of guy I could see feuding with a lot of the Smackdown faces like Orton, Yoshi and of course Daniel Bryan. His gimmick is basically a high-school bully when you look at it, so it makes sense he'd pick on someone labeled a nerd and someone who's different (the first was Daniel and the second was Yoshi, if you couldn't tell). 

    As The Rare Breed, A-Ry could also take on heels such as Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and even the tandem of Jinder Mahal and Khali. (Maybe aided by a face Jack Swagger?)

    Point being, versatility can be a great asset for any person, and A-Ry has that attribute in spades and would be a great fit for Smackdown.


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    Perhaps the WWE's greatest creation in a long time (and I sometimes doubt that WWE got this idea themselves or just looked at old TNA stuff). The top heel in the WWE today, and the man who looks to take the WWE Title of Super Cena this Sunday.

    It kind of makes sense that Truth should return to Smackdown, where he returned after his success filled run in TNA, to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. I talked about the ability to play different roles being a good thing with A-Ry earlier.

    R-Truth cannot play a face. At this point, it would be nothing less than stupid to even considering turning Truth face at any point in the near future. (Maybe after he's gone for about seven years, he can hit us with What's Up once more, but only for nostalgia's sake, and even then, I'm sure a promo on Lil' Jimmy would be more appreciated.)

    No, I say, if you can play one role to perfection, stick with it. R-Truth is a perfect heel so far. He elicits the right reaction, entertains and can go in the ring. (Amazing considering his age is close to the dreaded 40.)

    I say, send him to Smackdown, have him compete against Orton, Swagger and maybe Ziggler.

Gail Kim

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    Honestly, I'm a bit bummed to say, I can't say too much about her. If only because she's used so little on RAW. I often wonder though. Gail is a very attractive woman. She's not bad on the mic if TNA is any proof, and most importantly (to some,) she can wrestle.

    Gail is one of the few woman in the back that can go in the ring, yet we see the same Divas over and over again, so it makes you wonder why she can't be showcased.

    I think a move back to Smackdown could help, especially with the new girls Kaitlyn and A.J. I think Gail could work well with these two with Natalya.

    Maybe if she turned heel after her move, she could get a bit more attention and get a chance to display her mic skills more. At this point, anything couldn't hurt.

John Morrison

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    John, at one point was close to becoming World Heavyweight Champion in his second run on Smackdown (first as Morrison). I believe, given the chance, he could win that title. Smackdown has long been touted as a show were your mic skills don't really matter. (I'm sure Khali can attest.)

    So, why not let Morrison get a crack at the gold.

    Morrison, is one of the more entertaining stars in WWE due to his unique moves, and I think he would be able to display that more on Smackdown, where you don't get about 30 minutes of talking per show. Add to that, with Randy being the only top face at the moment, Morrison has a big opportunity.

    In my opinion, Morrison was screwed over, (as were a lot of guys,) by not getting drafted, especially since a lot of this had to have been anticipated. Sending him over would allow Morrison to get over more, win a title, gain exposure and practice carrying a brand and from there the sky's the limit.

    And if at some point, WWE decides to turn him heel again, we can thank them for making a smart move, because Morrison excels on the mic as a heel, and can be just as impressive, while also breaking away from the stigma of being a "spot monkey" as during his time as a heel, he used a unique mix of brawling and flash in his matches.

Zack Ryder

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    WWWYKI or Woo Woo Woo! You Know It. A phrase used by Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder, and at this point, you probably only know that if you've seen Ryder on YouTube, because he is not getting a lot of screen time on WWE TV.

    Ryder, for awhile now, has been making a name for himself, and not only that, but managed to get over without really doing much in the ring. Something WWE neglected to do. It's also apparent that Ryder is also not getting on TV. Jealousy on behalf of the creative team?

    I mean, surly, Evan Bourne can't be such a big deal all of a sudden to warrant a push. Not saying he's not good, but what has he done, really, that warrants Jack Swagger putting him over? In fact, why not have Ryder take his place? At least Ryder could work the mic.

    On Smackdown, I think Ryder would get treated a bit better. He'd finally get that face turn he's been warranting, would get to challenge the likes of Cody Rhodes, maybe form a tag team with someone like Yoshi or Daniel.

    Possibilities abound for Woo-Z on Smackdown. You Know It.


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    Maryse, hasn't been used a lot on RAW. I believe she's hosting NXT now or something, but I thought Matt Striker did that? Anyway, if that's the case, she might as well move back to Smackdown.

    In my opinion, Maryse was one of the better Divas when she had the title. She had all the tributes that make for a Diva. She was pretty. And as a bonus, she wasn't bad on the mic and wasn't bad in the ring either.

    On Smackdown she had some good matches with Michelle and Gail, and I think, given a return, Maryse could not only put on some great matches but maybe work herself back into title contention at one point.

    In all honesty, I see Maryse being the new face of the Divas with the right push, since Michelle left.

Skip Sheffield

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    Skip's been out of action for a few months now, and word is, Mr.McMahon is pretty high on him (big shocker, given his size). Still, unlike a lot of people who get hotshot to RAW, I think, if Skip is looking to begin a career on his own and build himself up, he should start small on Smackdown.

    I think, Sheffiield can be an impressive Intercontinental Champion to start off. If Barrett (heaven forbid), is to remain in the mid-card, and they look to continue keeping him heading something, I think the perfect setup would be for Sheffield to become Barrett's sole enforcer.

    Maybe later, have him get sick of Barrett and go off on his own, and from there, the possibilities really present themselves.

    Team ups with Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, feuds with Orton, Christian, Truth, etc.

A Bella

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    Honestly, I'm fine with either. Champion or not. Just think it's time we split these two up, since they do nothing but "Twin Magic."

    Besides, the sooner we split them up and keep them apart, the harder it becomes for either to win the belt again.


    Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.