WWE News: Punk Out (Day 21): CM Punk Blasts WWE on Twitter, Beats John Cena

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2011

Big Nasty will be keeping a running diary of what appear to be CM Punk's final days in WWE (for now).  Reports of Punk's reticence to sign a contract extension seem to point to the fact that he is gearing up to leave the company.

CM Punk's GTFO clock ticks ominously toward the final hour as he soldiers through what may or may not be his final days in the WWE.  On a night where NBA's renegade LeBron James finished yet another season empty handed, CM Punk decided to amplify his familiar rebel behavior by retweeting a less than flattering comment about the WWE. 

The tweet read:

"Why does something tell me that even though will have and under the same roof tomorrow, they'll f--k it up."

CM Punk's public approval of such a tweet overtly demonstrates Punk's irreverence of the powers that be, which could mean one of a few things.  Perhaps Punk knows he'll be gone soon enough, so he's seizing the opportunity to take parting shots.  Maybe it was a wake-up call to creative, letting them know he was paying attention to how they are booking him, and the booking could very well play a part in his ultimate decision of whether or not he'd stay. 

Or maybe, and in all likelihood, this is just Punk being Punk. 

Just two weeks earlier, Punk had a similarly irreverent tweet—this time from his own mouth—that was a bit more indicative of his future intentions. 

After a typical day in the life of a wrestler, filled with travel, a June 3rd tweet from Punk read:

"Hell of a productive day today for already being on two airplanes. This pesky wrestling is just getting in the way..."

Uh oh.  Looks like Punk already has one kick pad out of the door. 


LONG ISLAND, New York - June 13th.  RAW wastes more time advertising tonight's main event, which will pit WWE Champion John Cena against CM Punk.  Punk is very active on this broadcast, as he has a rasslin' feud with Rey Mysterio Jr. to attend to in addition to a high profile match with Cena later on in the night. 

We first see Punk as he attempted to crash an interpromotional match between Rey Mysterio Jr., who he will face this Sunday at WWE Capitol Punishment, and Christian.  Mysterio managed to get the better of Punk and the Nexus, who accompanied Punk, before Mason Ryan imposed his will and then fed Rey to Christian.

Punk resurfaced later on in the show during a backstage segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The segment was entertaining, as it played off of Punk's straight edge lifestyle (remember that?) and Austin's infamous "what" catchphrase. 

The segment got a little messy towards the end, but basically Austin notified Punk that the Nexus was to be banned from ringside. 


CM Punk vs. John Cena - Non-Title Single's Match

CM Punk and Cena sized each other up in front of an East Coast, male-dominated crowd.

 Naturally, the fans went off script and chanted for CM Punk.  

Dueling Punk and Cena chants rang throughout the Nassau Coliseum as Punk and Cena rhythmically locked up to accommodate the chants.  Punk took Cena down with a headlock takedown as the chants furiously persisted. 

Punk scored with a shoulder bump as the crowd continued to get involved.  Punk and Cena exchanged fireman's carry teasers of their finishers and reset. 

The crowd had not stopped chanting as Punk gains the offensive advantage and stomped Cena out of the ring. 

*Commercial Break*

RAW came back from the break with John Cena unleashing a handful of strikes on CM Punk.  Punk quickly gained control as he got Cena in an abdominal stretch.  Cena temporarily gained control as Punk quickly dumped him to the outside followed by a flying cross body block. 

Punk once again went airborne and scores on a flying axe handle smash a la Randy Savage.  After a nearfall, Punk worked the midsection of Cena with a scissors submission maneuver.  As the Long Island crowd came alive, Cena ripped Punk's legs apart and locked in the STF but not before Punk grabbed the bottom rope.  Cena's would-be comeback was cutoff with a back heel kick by Punk followed by a nearfall.

Punk worked Cena over in the corner, mixing in knees and elbows.  Punk hit a modified leg drop on the second rope on Cena for a nearfall.  Punk followed up with his trademark knee lift in the corner, but the ensuing bulldog attempt was blocked by Cena. 

Cena attempted a flying shoulder block but Punk ducked as Cena went sliding to the outside.  Punk awaited a count out victory, in true heel fashion, but Cena managed to crawl back in at eight. 

The dueling Cena chants started back up as Punk played to the crowd.  Punk attempted a springboard flying clothesline but to no avail.   Cena finally came back with his trademark shoulder blocks, powerbomb, and a five knuckle shuffle attempt. 

Cena's signature maneuver, however, was interrupted by R-Truth.  R-Truth screamed about all the Lil' Jimmies in the audience like only he can.  Truth's attention was then directed to a Lil' Jimmy wearing a John Cena hat.  Truth jacked Lil' Jimmy's hat and put it on, saying he'll trade the kid for a Simple water. 

A distracted Cena walked into a Go to Sleep as CM Punk got the victory over the WWE Champion. 

R-Truth entered the ring and blasted Cena with a bottled water.  "Lil' Jimmy" chants break out as Truth grabbed the WWE Championship and vows to beat John Cena at Capitol Punishment. 

Truth left with the WWE Championship as he was referred to as "the most dangerous man on Monday Night RAW".  RAW went off the air. 

CM Punk was once again booked in a promising light leading up to Capitol Punishment.  Over the course of the entire show, Punk was re-established as a top flight superstar, and while his upcoming match with Rey Mysterio Jr. took a bit of a backseat, Punk's victory over Cena was very helpful for his character. 

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