Randall Cunningham Is a Must for the Hall of Fame

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIOctober 25, 2008

Cunningham retired in 2001 as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Since then, he has been eligible for the Hall of Fame for two seasons, his first making the list of 100 finalists and his second making the 15 finalists.

Still not in yet.

When arguing for a player to make The Hall, one has to look at his position and current Hall of Famers.

As everyone should know, Troy Aikman is the worst QB in the Hall of Fame. He only led the league in completion percentage one season, the most yards he passed for in a season was 3,445. He made six Pro Bowls and three All-Pro Teams.

He was top five in major passing categories rarely, I believe he was third in TDs one season and fourth in yards and second in QB Rating, oh, excuse me, that was all in 1992. All this playing on one of the greatest teams ever assembled, reason why the '90s' Cowboys won three Super Bowls in four seasons, and Aikman won a Super Bowl MVP in one of those wins. His career averages were low and unimpressive, yet he got in first ballot.

Now we look at the non-Super Bowl winning QBs in The Hall.

Well, Tarkenton and Marino, that's understandable.

So we're left with Dan Fouts and Warren Moon. Fouts led the league in yards four straight seasons, amassing 4,000 yards three consecutive years. While Moon was also a yards master, having two back to back 4,000-yard seasons, although he was pitiful in the playoffs, never making a Conference Championship in 10 tries.

So where does that leave Cunningham?

How bout the fact he made four All-Pro Teams on a mediocre team with no WRs, as a QB he amassed 4,928 yards and 35 TDs. His specialty was mobility, and he led his team in rushing four straight seasons. Yeah.

He had to overcome injury in his later days, but came back in 1998, at 35 years of age, to lead one of the greatest teams in NFL history, the 1998 Vikings, finishing as a First Team All-Pro and second in League MVP voting.

His career passing statistics surpass Troy Aikman in every facet.

Cunningham has 207 TDs vs. 134 INTs

Aikman has 165 TDs vs. 141 INTs

Oh yeah...Cunningham started 31 less games than Aikman.

Did I also forget to mention Cunningham led the league in punt length in back to back seasons? Yes, he did.