5 Things for Non-Baseball Sports Fans To Do Now that Basketball Is Over

Austin BrinesContributor IIJune 14, 2011

5 Things for Non-Baseball Sports Fans To Do Now that Basketball Is Over

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    Now that basketball is over, everyone who has no interest in baseball is at a loss. There aren't many sports choices available with the next one coming up in limbo (NFL). A sports' fans' life is going to be miserable for the next few months.

    So, what should sports' fans do for the time being? This slideshow will give you some ideas.

Become a Lawyer for the NFL

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    With this undercover job, you could help stop the lockout and bring back football. Anyone looking for a chance to be a superhero should definitely think about saving the NFL world. At least it will be more exciting than watching the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Chicago Cubs.

Watch Baseball

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    Just kidding.

    Want to keep everyone on their toes.

Find Yourself a TV Show to Watch Every Week

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    Without sporting events to watch every night, you will need something to do. Find a TV show you love and watch it weekly or on Netfilx. This will help you get through the next few months.

Watch ESPN Classic

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    Watching classic sporting events is the greatest alternative to actually watching current sporting events. You can keep yourself entertained for the next few months with the classics. Nothing wrong with old, great, exciting games of any sport.

Watch SportsCenter's Non-Stop Lockout Coverage

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    Well, I guess the best alternative to actually watching sports is to watch people argue about when we will be able to watch sports. Enough said.

Memorize the Name of Every Player on Your Favorite College Football Team

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    With the possibility of no NFL season, college football will be a huge hit. Spend the summer getting to know your favorite team a lot better, so you can have more fun rooting for them.

    Thanks for reading. Give everyone other suggestions of what to do in the comments section.