Big 12 Champs Might Not Be...

Wes WardContributor IOctober 25, 2008

This is the year of the quarterback in the Big 12. This year the Big 12 has seen phenomenal play from several teams and has continued to thrive on the offensive end all season.

Heading into today's games, there were four Big 12 teams ranked in the top 8 of the BCS. After today I imagine only three will remain, but an interesting scenario could arise within the next few weeks.

The Texas Longhorns surged to the top spot after beating the Oklahoma Sooners in one of the best games the Red River Rivalry has seen in years. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that Texas also crushed the Missouri Tigers and squeezed by a tough Oklahoma State team in 3 consecutive weeks. Has any team had a tougher 3 week stretch this season? One more thing, next week in Lubbock the Longhorns will again take on another top BCS contender and undefeated team. This will make 4 consecutive weeks in which Texas will face a Top 10.

The Longhorns were supposed to falter in Dallas against Oklahoma, and maybe against Missouri or the Cowboys. Maybe it will be the Red Raiders that will finally deal the blow that knocks off the Longhorns this season. Texas Tech has never been able to solidify itself as a top tier team because of constant defensive struggles and the inability to keep up with Texas and Oklahoma. But this year has shown how important these quarterbacks can be in turning a game around along with the BCS polls.

Should the Red Raiders cast the Longhorns out of Lubbock next Saturday with their first loss, not only will the BCS have to elect a new number one, but the Big 12 will be posed with an unlikely scenario within itself.

Texas and Oklahoma will each have one loss, Texas Tech will be the only team in the Big 12 that remains undefeated. Tech plays in Norman, Oklahoma on November 22, and Oklahoma has the longest home-win streak in the nation. Should the Sooners beat the Red Raiders, there will be a three-way tie in the Big 12 South. Each team would have a win against each other, which poses an interesting problem...

A decision could not be made by head-to-head games because of the fact that each team beat one another, so the tiebreaker then goes to the records. Each team would have the same overall record and also within the Big 12 since each team has lost one game within the south division. The next step in identifying the tiebreaker would be to use the BCS rankings of the teams...

This becomes even more interesting. If Texas loses next week, how far do they drop in the rankings? How does their strength of schedule and their impressive victories help their case? Also, how far does Tech move up? Remember Texas jumped from number five to number one after beating an undefeated Oklahoma team earlier this year, and Tech is currently ranked 8th.

Oklahoma has a relatively weak schedule until the Tech game, making another Sooner loss unlikely which would keep them ranked in the top 4 in the BCS. Oklahoma must beat Tech for this scenario to take place though, and Tech has seemed to have had Oklahoma's number the past few years. If Oklahoma wins it is likely that they will head to the Big 12 Championship game because of their higher BCS ranking.

Texas will have one loss and a win over Oklahoma, but miss out on the Big 12 Championship yet again. Tech would also have one loss and a win over the number one team in the country, but also miss out on the Big 12 Championship game.

Another scenario in question is that both Texas and another team win out in the Big 12 South, but Texas loses the Big 12 Championship game. Again how far would Texas drop, and would Oklahoma/Tech then jump them into a possible National Championship bid?

We will have to see how the season plays out, afterall, the Big 12 might not have any players in the National Championship if Penn State and Bama continue to roll. One thing is for certain, if the Big 12 has a one-loss team at the season's end and either of those teams lose, a one-loss Big 12 team must go to the National Championship, or the BCS System will fail yet again.