Rutgers Catches On To Football Avoids The Pitts

robertContributor IOctober 25, 2008

What was Pitt thinking today they knew that the D backs were to small?  Kinder should have been made a d back.  Pitt has tall athletes that should have been converted to D backs and they knew that was an issue and expressed it to Rutgers, dumb. 


Wanny just needs to make half time adjustments that keep the opponent guessing.  Wanny in the first half should have been throwing the ball rather than allowing the oppenant to dictate the flow of the game.  This is what separates the men from the boys in terms of understanding how to overcome missmatches.  Wanny knew the missmatch and chose to accept it rather than put together a better game plan.


I recognise that Stull got laid out for 10 mins due to a head injury and that is sad and I wish him well but the game was already decided before he went down.  Pitt had given up 41 points to one of the worst offensive teams in the NCAA when Stull went down.  I am shocked and amazed that Pitt got owned and exposed how embarrassing. 


Pitt started to believe the hype and got knocked off their perch and now have egg on their face.  Wanny is guilty of talking up Rutgers because he pumped up Rutgers by telling them that he respected them.  He should have said nothing in the pres conference and just focussed on Pitt.  In other words he should have made it appear that Pitt was ready to hit and looked forward to a hard fought game with a inter-league match up...then shut up!!


Wanny is Pitts coach and I do not want him fired because he has value, and his upsides far out weigh his downsides.  Wanny would be awesome if he can learn from his mistakes which has eluded him throughout his career. 


Wanny needs to understand his role is to lead by example and to keep the kids in the game even when they are flat or confused.  When his kids give up 50 plus points to Rutgers that tells me they were confused to the offensive schemes, and that indicates a lack of preparation and that falls squarely on the coaches shoulders. 


The defensive coordinator is new this year and Wanny knew this was a trap game and needed to ensure the kids were ready to play.  I think Wanny needs to do a better job working with coordinators to come up with new schemes to confuse other teams and to appreciate and understand that Pitt was out coached today and in spite his team kept it close for three quarters.  


Wanny needs to look in the mirror and make a career changing assessment that he was embarrassed by a better coach first.  The second thing he needs to do is figure out how and why he was out coached and make the adjustment to not allow it to happen again.  Take full responsibility for loss in front of the team and explain how he plans to fix it from happening again.  Wanny needs to ask the team to work harder at learning knew schemes and ask taller offensive players to work as d backs to keep the long ball from beating them.


Pitt has talent but until Wanny understands what makes a good coach great he will continue to hold the program back.  I am rooting for Wanny because he has potential to be great, just look at his recruiting classes.  This program has sunnier days ahead if Pitt learns the lessons of today's loss.