The San Diego Sports Curse: Apathy

Eric GomezAnalyst IOctober 25, 2008

You can write pretty much anything on Wikipedia nowadays.

That's the first thought that came to my head when I stumbled upon it. The San Diego Sports Curse. The explanation—or cop-out, if you will—presented to cover up a much more plausible theory that William of Ockham himself would be proud of.

We just don't care.

Maybe it's the beaches, the vibrant nightlife, the zoo, Sea World, the proximity to Los Angeles, and so many other things to do in light of beautiful weather nearly year round.

The article will tell you what you most likely know after you put your mind to it a few moments.

A major San Diego sports franchise has never won a championship.

After a second, when that truly sinks in, we might not pity Cubs or Red Sox fans so much, because they have had the Bulls, the Bears, and the Blackhawks in the Windy City; and the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots in Boston winning championships during those droughts.

Even while Billy Goats and the ghost of the Bambino (what's our curse mascot, Shamu?) haunt or haunted fans for so long, you could count on a parade down Main Street once every few years or so.

Someone, at the top of a bus, would be hoisting a large trophy over his head while thousands cheered on.

We have parades, too. Just not for champions.

And that's fine, apparently. Because we don't really seem to care.

Sure, thousands will flood swanky PETCO Park in downtown San Diego every night from April to September, but they'll most likely be there to talk about the city's budget crisis, new releases at the movies, and to glare at you when you decide to cheer or heckle.

We've all seen the crowds at Qualcomm Stadium cheering for the Chargers, right? They seem downright crazy at times when it comes to supporting their team.

So crazy and so involved...that the TV station carrying the team's games had to wait  until Friday before a playoff game could sell enough tickets so that the TV blackout could be lifted.

Lambeau Field has waiting lists for preseason-game tickets. We have Legoland.

You might also have heard that San Diego had a couple of NBA franchises go through here at some time.

Not much can be said for the now Los Angeles Clippers, as they're so horrible they'd probably draw the same amount of people in San Diego than they would in Kabul, but what about the Rockets?

We had Elvin Hayes and Calvin Murphy suiting up every night!

Now we're lucky to see Kobe Bryant on the floor for a preseason game long enough for him to crack his knee open.

Even the phrasing behind this whole thing is awkward: "Curse" would denote a malicious spell on the city, trapping fans in a spiral of deception and sadness, year after year.

It can't be a curse if no one really cares.

This buildup of apathy has the potential to come to a boil in the coming months, potentially leaving the city with one team (and without that team's biggest star).

With the Chargers' lease on Qualcomm ending in the very near future, will San Diegans so much as bat an eyelash if they move away?

If Jake Peavy wears a Braves, Cubs, or Dodgers uniform next year, will anyone even notice when he comes back to PETCO Park in '09?

When the Aztecs play a football game in the woods, and no one's around to watch it, did it actually happen?

My fervent desire to edit Wikipedia articles notwithstanding, I instead come to the conclusion, as I look around and find myself way more worried about this city's teams than most anyone else, that "curses" are becoming far more selective with their victims these days.