Gun-Loving Athletes

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIJune 14, 2011

Gun-Loving Athletes

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    Guns are no joke, and many times athletes abuse the privilege to carry firearms and use them for self-defense. Besides the adverse affect it has on society, athletes have lost millions of dollars from suspensions, not to mention the embarrassment that comes from not being able to play their respective sport.

    These are the boneheads who did not always think about the repercussions for their actions. There are some guys on this list who do it the right way, they are just crazy about guns. The others are just crazy with them.

16. Karl Malone

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    Karl Malone is a member of the NRA and an avid hunter. He spoke out against the Gilbert Arenas incident, (for good reason) and believes people need to be educated about guns.

    He represents the other side of the spectrum on the subject of guns. He loves them and uses them, but knows that they are dangerous in the wrong people’s hands. 

15. Sebastian Telfair

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    Telfair was speeding in 2007, and after providing a suspended license, had his vehicle checked. The officer found a .45 caliber handgun under the seat.

    Telfair was found guilty of criminal possession of a handgun and was suspended three games in the 2008 NBA season.

14. Tank Johnson

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    Tank Johnson has a police record far more extensive than his football stats that involves two separate gun incidents.

    He once had concealed guns in his car that were deemed illegal, and during a raid of his house on a separate occasion, authorities found six guns, including two assault riffles.

    His legal troubles became so bad he had to go before a judge to be granted permission to leave the state of Illinois to play in the Super Bowl.

13. Jayson Williams

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    After years in court, Jayson Williams was finally sentenced to five years in prison for the shooting death of 55-year-old limousine driver Costas "Gus" Christofi. Williams was one of the first athletes to get in major trouble with guns, and while it took him a long time to finally go to jail, he paid the ultimate price.

12. Javaris Crittenton

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    Javaris Crittenton got off easy after the whole debacle with Gilbert Arenas because he is not nearly as big of a name as Arenas. He did not lose as much money, did not lose as much fame and nobody is wondering whether he will ever return to the poor form he was in already.

    His contribution to the saga was just as important as Arenas, but his name will be the answer to a trivia question before it is the headline to what actually happened.

11. Shaun Rogers

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    Shaun Rogers is a big man, so it is hard to miss him when he walks through the airport.

    He raises even more red flags when he has a loaded gun in his carry-on case.

    I know people like to get on TSA’s case, but I don’t think they can let that one go. Rogers was not allowed on the plane and was detained while they figured out how to deal with the situation. 

10. Stephen Jackson

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    Back in 2006, Jackson was suspended seven games after firing at a fleeing car from a strip club he was attending. The men he was fighting with hit him with their car before driving away.

    Prosecutors said he fired the shots first, leading to a felony count of criminal recklessness. He would later be traded to the Warriors, finally parting ways with the Pacers.

9. Michael Irvin

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    This category could just as easily be deemed, "The Entire Miami Hurricanes 1984-1990 Football Team." Irvin was part of the group that was constantly in legal trouble, including gun-related issues.

    He was also part of a controversial issue that was later proven false. A woman allegedly accused Irvin and a teammate of assaulting her, using a gun to do so. While the story was not true, Irvin’s past with guns is still extensive. 

8. Luke Scott

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    Luke Scott has never been in trouble with the law, but is the definition of a gun nut. He thinks, justifiably, that athletes need to have the ability to carry firearms to protect themselves.

    He provided an anecdote during an interview with ESPN when a man who he believed was in position to harm him approached him. Scott had his gun on him, and once the man knew that he had it as well, he simply asked him for some money. Scott was convinced that he too had a weapon.

7. Adam Jones

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    Adam Jones may not fire his weapon too often, but he certainly was at the scene of many incidents involving his entourage and gunfire.

    Now that he has dropped his nickname and is consciously trying to clean up his act, those days are hopefully behind him. He has been part of too many shootings that are dangerous for him, his career and innocent people around him.

6. Delonte West

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    West was arrested in 2009 with a handgun in his waistband and three more on his person when pulled over for speeding. It was particularly smart for West to cut off a police officer, while speeding, as he must have known about the serious heat he was packing.

    There was no jail time given, though West was suspended 10 games by the NBA for pleading guilty to weapons charges.

5. Jared Allen

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    Jared Allen is a man’s man, and he shows it on and off the field.

    First the mullet, then the sacks and now hunting. He is guest on the show Relentless Pursuit, where he hunts everything from buffalo to deer.

    I have seen him use a spear and a bow and arrow to hunt these beasts, but nothing works best like a good old rifle. Allen has some serious skill, and we know what he will be doing if there is no NFL season.

4. Brett Favre

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    Watching this video of Favre endorsing a gun could be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He has done the whole jeans market, and now he is telling you which gun to use.

    I suppose now that he is actually retired, he is going to need something to do on Sundays. Why not kill animals? 

3. Plaxico Burress

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    Plaxico Burress was just released from his two-year sentence for possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. He inadvertently fired his weapon, which was inside his pant leg, and injured himself.

    It was a freak accident that went from bad to worse for Burress, who did not have strong public support at the time of the incident. His jail sentence opened the eyes of a lot of people about the severity of gun laws, including Burress, who is now on the front lines for gun control. 

2. Marvin Harrison

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    Harrison is a future Hall of Famer and one of the best receivers of all time. While he was always been perceived as the quiet type amongst fans, he also has another life off the field that has included run-ins with the law.

    Dwight Dixon, a convicted drug dealer allegedly had issues with Harrison that resulted in Dixon being shot by a gun owned by the former Colts star. Dixon was eventually shot and killed and told police before he died he thought the shooting was related to a prior assault he linked to Harrison. The case is still open, though Harrison has yet to be charged.

1. Gilbert Arenas

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    Gilbert Arenas got himself into incredible legal and financial trouble because of a gambling dispute. He and teammate Javaris Crittenton turned a simple incident into one that required the likes of the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

    The men thought it would be a good idea to settle their dispute with the threat of weapons instead of words in the Wizards' locker room. Millions of dollars lost and a season-long suspension might change his mind in the future.