TNA Slammiversary IX: Results and Thoughts from the Best PPV so Far This Year

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 13, 2011

TNA’s ninth anniversary show opened with tag team action, as Gun Money defended the Tag Team Titles against the British Invasion. 

We got some nice back-and-forth action to start things out, until Gun Money executed some great double team moves.  The British Invasion answered back with their own double team moves to gain control and make Alex Shelley the face in peril. 

Once James Storm was tagged in, things picked back up, and Shelley dove through Storm’s legs to hit a nice suicide dive. 

Some miscommunication from the champs didn’t hinder their victory at a little over 10 minutes, as Storm hit the Last Call super kick and Shelley executed Sliced Bread. 

Now that was tag team wrestling right there.  This was a great match between four very talented wrestlers.  Both teams worked very well together in the ring. 

TNA’s tag team division has been lacking a bit lately, but this match gives me hope that things are about to pick up!

Match rating: four out of five stars.

Backstage, Scott Steiner had a few words for Matt Morgan.  That man is pure gold on the mic.

Next up was Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan.  Morgan was in the driver’s seat early on with his combination of quickness and power until Steiner hit a mule kick between the legs to gain control. 

From there, we got to see Steiner hit his usual power moves until Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint for the win at a little over nine minutes. 

This was a decent match, a lot better then I originally expected it to be.  Morgan has proved time and time again that he deserves to be in the World Title picture.  After this victory, I hope he starts performing in the main event. 

As for Steiner, he can still put on a match as long as someone is there to carry him.  It’s time for Big Poppa Pump to hang up his wrestling boots. 

Match rating: two-and-a-half out of five stars.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett cried about what happened to Karen and said that he’s going to win tonight.

The X-Division, or Xtreme, Title was on the line next, as Abyss defended against Kazarian and Brian Kendrick.  The match started quick with Kaz and Kendrick trying to take out Abyss, but Abyss’ power was too much for them.

That X-Division quickness would kick in at some points during the match and take out the monster.  Kaz and Kendrick would continue to double team Abyss while hitting some nice high flying moves including a tornado DDT from Kendrick and a flying hurricanrana from Kaz. 

Abyss was knocked to the outside, which gave the X-Division wrestlers a chance to go it one-on-one.  Kendrick would knock out Kaz, but Abyss would roll in for the win at just over 12 minutes. 

I think this was a good match.  A bit slow at times, but it quickened when Kaz or Kendrick were in control.  There was some overall nice action, but it was your typical triple threat match. 

The X-Division continues to get buried here.  I can’t wait for Destination X.  The division will get the chance to shine, and Abyss will hopefully lose the title in an Ultimate X match.  

Match rating: three out of five stars.

Samoa Joe would take on Crimson next.  It was back-and-forth to start until Joe attacked the knee and worked on it.  Crimson would hit a big sit out slam out of nowhere for the win at 10-and-a-half minutes. 

This was a decent match, also a lot better than I expected.  The match was physical throughout and had some nice action. 

Joe really made Crimson look good here.  If he was in the ring with anyone else, this may have been a train wreck. 

Crimson is not ready to get the push he’s reportedly in for.  He can’t always rely on the person he’s wrestling to make him look good. 

Match rating: three out of five stars.

Backstage, Angelina Love apparently didn’t need her “medicine.”  She now understands what Winter had been saying all long.  She does?  Maybe she can explain it to me.  I’m still confused.

Mickie James would defend her title against Angelina Love next.  The match was pretty back-and-forth until interference from Winter caused Mickie to get thrown into the steps. 

Back inside the ring, Mickie managed to hit a top rope Thesz Press, but Winter, once again, interfered.  After more interference from Winter, Mickie would pick up the win with a botched DDT at eight minutes.  Winter and Angelina would then attack Mickie afterwards and leave her lying. 

This was a good match, though the quality was killed by Winter interfering every two minutes.  Why the referee didn’t throw her out is beyond me.  It was back-and-forth throughout until Winter would get involved and kill the momentum of the match. 

I was afraid that Angelina’s zombie-like state would hinder the quality of the match, but it didn’t.  Turns out it was Winter that hindered it. 

It looks like she may be Mickie’s next challenger, though I’d prefer Velvet Sky to finally get the title match she deserves.  If it wasn’t for Winter, it’d rate this higher. 

Match rating: two-and-a-half out of five stars.

Backstage, Ray explained that he was a man and that AJ was a boy; basically what he’s been saying for weeks.

It was Last Man Standing as AJ Styles took on Bully Ray.  It was an all out brawl to start out.  The momentum shifted back-and-forth, with AJ using his quickness and Ray using his power. 

Ray would take control of the match using the ring steps and those nasty chops.  Those must hurt.  AJ kept getting up and wanted more, trying to prove to Ray that he is in fact a man. 

AJ would gain control with some punches and his springboard forearm shot.  Ray headed to the top rope but was decked by the Pelé.  Ray then countered a hurricanrana into a big sit out powerbomb. 

Outside, AJ smacked Ray with his own chain and busted him open bad.  Back inside the ring, AJ hit a beautiful springboard 450 splash. 

They eventually made their way to the stage, where AJ leaped off of it onto Ray.  “This is awesome” chants from the crowd started, and I couldn’t agree more!  AJ then would set Ray up on a table and leap off a pillar to hit a massive elbow drop. 

Ray managed to kick AJ through a wall and barely got the win at 20-and-a-half minutes, even though AJ was technically to his feet before Ray kicked him! 

Like the fans chanted, that was purely awesome!  A phenomenal match.  There was great back-and-forth action, amazing spots, and was one of the most physical and brutal matches I’ve seen in recent memory. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, this was match of the night and a possible match of the year candidate. 

Match rating: five out of five stars.

Backstage, Anderson said actions speak louder than words.  We’ll see.

The World Title match isn’t the main event?  This doesn’t happen very often.  TNA must have a lot of confidence in Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. 

Anyway, champion Sting surprises his challenger Mr. Anderson during his entrance and they brawled throughout the crowd.  By the time they got into the ring, Anderson was in control but missed a corner splash. 

Sting would hulk up and hit some clotheslines and a Stinger Splash to get into the driver’s seat.  As the Stinger was about to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock, Eric Bischoff headed to the ring. 

Sting managed to counter one mic check but not a second one.  Anderson only got a two count, though.  Sting would then get up and hit the Scorpion Death Drop. 

Sting gets the win, or so he thought.  Bischoff interrupted the three count and Sting thought he won.  Anderson hit a low blow right in front of the referee and another mic check at a little over 16 minutes to become to the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

My question is why didn’t the ref do something about the low blow?  It happened right in front of him!  Either way, we have a new champion. 

It was a good match and had some nice back-and-forth action at times.  At the same time, though, it was a bit slow.  I’m shocked that Anderson won, but am happy at the same time. 

I’m a huge Sting fan, but having a 52-year old wrestler carrying your company isn’t the greatest idea in the world.  New fans should see younger guys pushed because once guys like Sting retire, the fans won’t have anyone to get behind. 

It will be interesting to see where TNA goes with Anderson’s title reign. 

Match rating: three out of five stars.

Karen Jarrett was live via satellite.  She complained about being hurt and blamed Kurt for it.  Mike Tenay called her a ball buster and cut her off.  You know, the Jarrett home sure looks like Hulk Hogan’s office backstage.

It’s main event time, as Kurt Angle puts his gold medal on the line against Jeff Jarrett.  The winner was also set to face new champion Mr. Anderson!  The match started with some nice back-and-forth action and each wrestler kicking out of their opponents respective finishing moves. 

Reversals of a tombstone piledriver were countered into the ankle lock.  Jarrett rolled out, and we got our typical main event ref bump.  Jarrett hit a low blow and smacked Angle over the head with a guitar that just so happened to be under the ring.  He only got two as Earl Hebner came out. 

Kurt got up and hit the triple German suplexes.  A top rope belly-to-belly suplex and an Angle Slam got Angle two, while a top rope Stroke got Jarrett a two count also.  Angle would reverse Jarrett’s ankle lock into his own and Jarrett tapped out after almost 18 minutes. 

This was a great match.  Nice back-and-forth action throughout.  We got to see some good spots between two great wrestlers.  Angle still proves why he is the best in the business.  Jarrett can still go, but I think it’s time to step aside. 

I’m glad this feud is finally over.  Now Angle can concentrate on having great matches with someone else, while Jarrett will hopefully take a break and straighten things out backstage. 

Match rating: four out of five stars.

Overall, TNA Slammiversary IX was a phenomenal show!  Out of the eight matches, six of them made the money I spent well worth it.  This is no doubt the best pay-per-view wrestling show put on so far this year. 

I’m going to go as far as to say it was better than Wrestlemania 27.  Let’s be honest; Wrestlemania sucked this year.  It’s sole purpose was to set up Wrestlemania 28 and The Rock vs. John Cena. 

TNA took their first of two big shows of the year seriously.  They showed that wrestling mattered.  I hope that transitions in the coming weeks on Impact Wrestling!

Overall show rating: four out of five stars.  AJ Styles and Bully Ray stole the show and gave it that extra half a star!


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