NCAA Should Be on Wall Street: They Both Sell Short and Cheat the Base

robertContributor IOctober 25, 2008

I liked Lisa's article on the polls and respect her position but disagree with her premise that journalists are unbiased.  I disagree mainly for the lack of independent stations and newspapers that can challenge the current system.  I truly believe that newspapers are a dying media institution because the Internet is far more accessible.

I am left waiting for the day that blogs and independent Internet news companies start popping up that can challenge the money making institutions like ESPN and FOX, from only representing the power brokers of College Sports.  These current institutions do not represent the best interests of the game, as proof by lack of playoff system. 

I also would like to see some call for better scheduling rules so that schools like TT get penalized for poor scheduling. The disparity in scheduling seems to be less and less of a topic and when Bowls pay so much money it is imperative that the NCAA level the playing field as much as possible to represent all interests of every program.  Aren't college sports supposed to be above the fray when it comes to corporate cheating or the corporate winky wink syndrome that has caused major economic fallout. 

Institutions of higher learning are supposed to be the example of fair play by using restraint when questions of greed and power are introduced.  These institutions of higher learning were created to be our countries moral compass and they have failed miserably over the last 25 years.

These institutions are largely to blame for our systematic economic fallout based on greed and power.  Had these institutions been mindful of the true costs of the monetary gifts that they received for "research" and other financial endeavors then perhaps their  professors would have been free to challenge some unethical laws that were passed that totally brought down our system. 

The entire University system has allowed itself to be the willing participant of being manipulated based on their alliance with fascist and government organizations to ensure that free thinkers are squelched.  Look at the marriage that corporate America and the federal government have forged with Universities to prevent another era of the 1960's. 

Universities in a free society should be independent of government and corporate influence and this is the true crux of the problem that has reared its head into collegiate athletics and we are all to blame. 

I will know when the ideals for which intercollegiate sports were founded on are renewed, when I see professors and Presidents start questioning the current system.  Questions must be first asked in order to change the game for which it was created as a fair athletic contest.

Football was not created to be used as an extension of a persons soul. Football should be enjoyed as entertainment but not as a fanatical response to an unfulfilled and uneventful life.  Too many people have personalized this sport in a way that is unhealthy and has led to a corrupt system.