Big 12 Genie: Week 9

Matt ThielSenior Analyst IOctober 24, 2008

Friday means it's time to grab my cape and Magic-8 ball. Not a Robert Downey Jr 8-ball, numb nuts. Hell, I'll throw a bonus SEC pick at you right now. In a huge upset, Tennessee beats Alabama. Bama's played like crap the past few weeks, and the Vols may have finally gotten out of neutral with Nick Stephens at QB. No score from me, just the upset call. Let's get to my favorite conference, the Big 12.

Texas Tech 42 Kansas 28
kU is like my brother, and has done just enough to sustain life at this point. I'm waiting for the downturn of both into an oblivion, or to Boliva for Mike Tyson fans. Texas Tech hasn't done much to impress over the past few week. With TT's offense, I'm calling a pirates win, but kU is favored. Does this count as an upset?

Oklahoma 60 Kansas State 10
The Sooners are happier than a child molester on Halloween to see the Mildcats. K-State is horrendous, and Bradford, Murray, & Co. should have a huge day. Drinking in Aggieville will be at a lifetime high after this beatdown.

Nebraska 38 Baylor 14
Baylor is a fun team to watch, and Robert Griffin III is the most athletic QB, along with Tirerod Taylor, that the Huskers will face. How did the Huskers fare against VTech? Baylor's no VTech, but one athletic player like RGIII could throw some serious headaches Lincoln's way. Unfortunately, the Bears have the defense of a Cici's buffet when Sleezy throws down.

Texas 38 Oklahoma State 17
The game of the week. Okie State has what it takes to beat Texas, but Texas is a great team. Okie State wasn't challenged last week with Baylor, and Texas steamrolled Mizzou and Oklahoma in the past two weeks. If this one was in Stillwater, Okie Light would have a better shot. It's in Austin. I

'm rooting for the Pokes, but Colt McCoy hasn't been stopped by anyone (could have said the same about Chase Daniel and the Pokes D), and the Texas defense is stout minus the passing D (again, same thing as Mizzou). When the cards are played, Horns still win.

Iowa State 21 Texas A&M 10
Why am I wasting your time by having you read an ATM/ISU preview. Here's a funny video of a guy getting kicked in the nuts by a midget instead.