17 Signs That I'm Too Excited About Texas Tech's Game This Weekend

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IOctober 24, 2008

    There are a few ways to tell whether or not you are overthinking your team's current matchup on Saturday. I'll list of a few of the signs that showed me I needed to relax...

    1. I have my pre-game meal in the microwave already. The problem is, it's still Friday... How long does it take to cook a hot pocket these days?

    2. I've wasted a whole 120-page notebook just by doodling Mark Mangino's head casually. True, it doesn't help that his head takes up multiple pages, but...

    3. I've already picked out my primary location to watch the game (Buffalo Wild Wings), as well as a backup location (Best Buy) in case the Kansas-to-Tech fan ratio is not to my liking...

    4. I've already planned for a cover-up, in case Tech loses and I inadvertantly start to cry. I will keep a basket of "Ty Willingham Hot-Seat Wings" within reach to take the blame...Sheesh, those are some hot wings.

    5. The suspense already has me queasy, and I haven't drank any pre-game, tailgate, Keystone Light yet.

    6. I've sat at the computer 48 hours straight, refreshing the lines for the weekend, waiting to see if Tech is the favorite yet. Sadly, not only is Tech still the underdog, but I got hot pocket on the F5 key. Damn ham and cheese.

    7. I was so busy thinking about Crabtree's ankle injury, I forgot to go to work.

    8. I was so busy thinking about Crabtree's ankle injury, I forgot I don't have a job.

     9. I've been so oblivious to everything else, "I Touch Myself" by Blondie is now somehow my most played song on iTunes.

    10. I've been secretly waiting for Graham Harrell to log onto Facebook Chat so I can wish him good luck (no, he hasn't unfriended me yet).

     11. I contemplated driving to Kansas to go to the game, just to have my "Which was a nastier roll, Crabtree's ankle last week, or Mangino's chin?" sign seen.

    12. I almost created a new Bleacher Report account, just to write another preview of the game for myself to read.

    13. CORRECTION, I have now started pregaming with Keystone, T-Minus nine hours until gametime.

    14. I've already written the Game Recap to post after the game is over, leaving blanks to insert players names. ________ had a good game on the ground today, and proved that _____________ was the better team. ________________ coach __________________ proved he has what it takes to be a ________________ in the league.

    15. I've played 21 games of NCAA 2009 in the last five days, and all 21 of them have been Texas Tech Vs. Kansas.

    16. I haven't showered, hoping to score myself a great table by myself at Buffalo Wild Wings due to my unbearable stench.

    17. This whole article was actually true.