UFC 131 Results: 3 Fights Dustin Poirier Should Take Next

Sean SmithAnalyst IJune 13, 2011

UFC 131 Results: 3 Fights Dustin Poirier Should Take Next

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    After his huge win over Josh Grispi, Dustin Poirier might have taken a step in the wrong direction in his narrow decision victory over UFC newcomer Jason Young.

    At this point, Poirier is a talented prospect who is barely outside the discussion for a title shot. The next logical step for Poirier would be to take a fight with a big-name opponent in a fight where a win would put him one more bout away from a title shot.

    Here are some possible fights that fit that description.

Winner of Joe Stevenson vs. Javier Vazquez

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    If Joe Stevenson defeats Javier Vazquez, he would make for a perfect opponent for Poirier. A former top contender in the lightweight division, Stevenson would have plenty of momentum behind him if he wins his featherweight debut.

    A win over Stevenson would give Poirier more notoriety and put him in position to fight for a title shot.

    Even if Stevenson loses, the win would give Vazquez a ton of exposure and make him a viable opponent for Poirier.

Winner of Tyson Griffin vs. Manvel Gamburyan

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    Similar to a fight with Stevenson, Tyson Griffin would be riding a ton of momentum if he defeats Manny Gamburyan in his featherweight debut. Likewise, Gamburyan would be near the top of the division as a former top contender.

    A win over either of these opponents would put Poirier in a position near the top of the division and some name recognition against a UFC veteran.

George Roop

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    Like Poirier, George Roop recently put a beating on Josh Grispi. Although Roop has more experience, he is in a similar position as Poirier in the division.

    Pitting these two rising featherweights against each other will show the UFC which one really has the potential to become a contender.

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