WWE: The Ultimate Warrior and Others Ruined Many Fans Childhood Memories

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 2, 2011

Pro-Wrestling is unique as it has a strong presence among fans during their developmental years. Maybe you had a bad day and you're taking one down but sing as you watch some wrestling to turn it around.

We all have moments we live through these amazing athletes as well all wanted to flip the bird on some moronic authority figure, like Stone Cold, or make our dreams become a reality, like The Miz achieved.

These men and women in tights were our heroes and role models that we looked up to in our childhood. I feel foolish for even stating that as anyone growing up as a wrestling fan knows that by heart.

Sadly the steel fist of reality has penetrated the very sacredness of our inner wrestling soul. The very soul that is intertwine to our childhood and strongly connected to our memories.

The reality is many of our heroes are just idiotic drunk old men who don't know when to hang up their boots. Some are screw-ups dabbling in drugs and alcoholic beverages to where they trend the lines of self-destructive behaviors to death.

Reality reveals them as walking lies, as the characters they portray contradict are not who they are outside the ring.

It's painful for any wrestling fan and it's so common that only three things can happen. One becomes disenchanted with the art of pro-wrestling because their heroes are morally corrupted that they wave their white flag and remove themselves as fan of the entertaining yet seemingly dark sport.

Some will shrug it off accepting the dark side of the sport, shunning the foolish ones that stray from the straight and narrow while latching onto the ones who remain good in heart

Even a few live in denial blinded by markism that is so overpowering that they sweep the broken wrestlers' issues under a proverbial rug.

Been watching Pro-Wrestling for many years, so needless to say I watched some wrestlers fall into a twisted maze of irresponsibility where the end is a hole in the ground with a stone slab above them. Here's some of the chronicles of the fallen heroes that we once held in high regard:


Scott Hall

Here we have a man who had phenomenal matches as an Intercontinental Champion and made his mark in wrestling lore as part of the original trio of the NWO. He a man who has skills that is unbelievable in the ring and could have been a well respected veteran of the wrestling business.

Instead, he known for his repeated and continuing use of drugs as well as having a drinking problem that is sadly well documented to where he's murdering his liver.

I hate to say Hall does not have many years left on this earth if he continues being a walking automobile accident.

The man had both a defibrillator and a pacemaker implanted into his heart which shows how much he damaged his body. Multiple trips to the hospitals signifies that the next trip could be his very last.


Jeff Hardy

262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia.

Those are the drugs that Hardy seem to care about more then the fans who want to see his high flying actions. I can imagine how disappointed and sicken the kiddies of the PG era felt knowing CM Punk was 500 percent right!

Besides, Jeff Hardy was always missing dates or being late and been released by the WWE and TNA and given many chances by both. I fear he might have used up his chances and meet a cruel twist of fate that results in his child being fatherless.


Chris Benoit

He was a great wrestler and had tremendous passion for Pro-wrestling which is undeniable! The fact of the matter he killed his wife, son, then himself. 

What he did nearly destroyed mainstream pro-wrestling and the politicians, media and other experts assault Pro-Wrestling. He was a favorite of mine and when he committed those devious acts...it tarnished a lot of memories.


The Ultimate Warrior

Here's a man who legally changed his name into Warrior which is seriously a questionable act for someone to do.

Warrior lately has been in the spotlight for going on the attack at Hulk Hogan. The man created a twitter account just so he can spew his hate-filled words at Hogan.

It's almost feels like he doing it to have the spotlight on himself once again; of course, he's very pissed off at Hogan so it could be the combination of both.

YouTube has been utilized as the words of mass destruction by Warrior to aim it right at Hogan. Here are some of the words he'd used to take down Hogan:

“You’re a real piece of s***, What kind of human being are you? The things that have real value mean nothing to you in your life."

You were both whores—neither one of you had a problem with getting thrills on the side, In fact Terry, you tried to get me to sample those thrills, I bet I’m the only guy who said no to doing your wife.”

Yeah, classy things to say about someone and even if they are true it happens 20-30 years ago and Hogan is a different person now then he was back then.

In this case, Hogan is suing Warrior, as we may have freedom of speech but calling Hogan all those hateful words is unacceptable, true or not.

Sad how my older brother used to idolize Warrior to the point of buying a giant plush doll of him to sleep with.

Now, years later, he's a 52 year old man holding a grudge and having screamed out to everyone via social media! It's sad and pathetic!


Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan

Speaking of Hogan, he still wrestles. As well as his good wrinkly pal, Ric Flair. I'm surprised both men don't walk to the ring in walkers anymore.

Yeah, they don't wrestle as much as they did a year ago but they always have one more match then another. It's like they'll never stop.

Hogan been wrestling sometime around 1977 while his whooooing bleached hair pal been at it since 1972. Hogan is 57 and Flair is 62.

Neither of them should be near a ring and it painfully obvious that they'll clinging to the ring ropes till their dying breath as they are at a point where they should be done with wrestling in terms of being active wrestlers.

Fact is, they are way past the time they should have hung the boots up. Hulk Hogan was semi-retired since I believe 2007 while Flair always seemed to be an active wrestler.

Hogan always kept wrestling as I think up until 2003, when he still got it but past that he needed to stop but he did not. Now he can't even do his leg drop due to the damage to his body.

Flair had it until 2007-2008 and that was the year where the big WWE retirement storyline took place. He was inducted into the hall of fame as well had a good winning streak months before he retired at Wrestlemania.

On his last Raw they sent him off in a way that was truly special!  We all thought Flair would be one to stay retired but nooooo.....he went off and joined TNA.

Hogan and Flair are the poster-boys of wrestlers who never retire till their dying days.

These are just some of the men who tarnished our childhood memories. For whatever they've done for whatever reasons they end up changing a good memories into ones we can't look at the same again.

It makes us become bitter fans always judging the actions of all wrestlers harshly because we know the reality how wrestlers can be. It's pretty damn sad that it's how things are.

Luckily it not always doom and gloom  as there is still hope. We have CM Punk who does not drink or do drugs. Which means we can count on him not to have his life claimed by those vices.

Shawn Michaels hung up his boots when we all know he could still go at it but he did as the time is right and stuck to his promise of never wrestling again.

We have John Cena who granted 200 wishes for Make a Wish Foundation and is truly a good role modal for our younger fans and I got a feeling he won't wrestle into his 50's like Hogan did.

Our past may be murky and shattered by our memories that been tainted by the wrestler we once looked up to. The future is bright as wrestlers today are making wiser choices.

Edge retired where back in the day he would have kept going with a broken neck. Wrestlers today know how to get by financially while we all heard and seen wrestlers broke and wrestling just to put food on the table.

So let's all hope, NO! Let's all pray that the young fans today won't have to experience the death, disappointment and betrayal by wrestlers that they look up to as role models and even as heroes! 

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