Football Friday: The Return...

Brian SmithCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

After a few months hiatus of my Football Friday Episodes....It's Back!

We are almost halfway through the '08 campaign and things definitely aren't what people thought they would be before the season started.

Some surprises are: Brady out for the year, an inconsistent Colts team, the Titans undefeated, the Browns have no wins, Miami actually has wins, and Ed Hochuli isn't perfect.

As for the 'not so surprising' moments so far this year in the NFL: Pac-Man suspended again, Raiders have a new coach, Jeremy Shockey is hurt, Drew Brees is still slinging it, coaches are still calling time outs right before a field goal try, and Brett Favre is still a pretty darn good quarterback.

There's a story starting to circulate that a good amount of players have been popped for testing positive for a banned substance. Only two names have been leaked so far, Deuce McAllister and Will Smith. Tsk Tsk...

Games to watch this weekend and Monday:

Colts vs. Titans–This may be where the Titans get their first loss of the season, but, that depends on the play of the Colts offense more than their defense. Yes, the Colts defense resembles a certain cheese of the Swiss variety when it comes to stopping the run, however, if Manning uses the clock wisely and can keep his defense off of the field for extended periods of time, the Colts will win this match. Final Score: 14-24 Colts

Tampa Bay vs. Dallas–What Dallas team is going to show up on Sunday? Not having Romo in there last week didn't go too well, so lets see how Johnson can do now that he has a had an extra week as the number one QB. I think this will be a close one with it coming down to a field goal. 14-17 Dallas

Oakland vs. Baltimore–All things being pretty much equal with these two teams, except for defense. Oakland's defense is ranked 26th and Baltimore's defense is ranked 7th. If I was a betting man, I'd go with the better defense. However, Baltimore's offense is ranked 26th versus Oakland's 23rd ranked defense. So, Baltimore wins 12-10 all on field goals.

Giants vs. Steelers–This is one of those 'gotcha' games. It's either going to be a shoot out or a flame out of a game. Last week, it took a while for the Steelers to figure out the Bengals' defense and scored 21 points with 8:17 left in the game. Yes, that's a lot of points with only 8 minutes left in the game, but, the Giants have the 4th ranked defense in the league. Giants win this one 27-21.

Chargers vs. Saints–The low voltage Chargers D is going to face the highly charged up Drew Brees. So lets see, the Saints have the number one offense and the Chargers defense is ranked 28th, coupled with the fact that Ted Cottrell is a passer friendly Defensive Coordinator and Drew Brees likes to throw the ball. Saints 963, Chargers 28. Just kidding. 34-31 Saints.

Those are my Games to Watch this weekend.

Now for my "5 things you can improve on to make you a winner" segment...

1. Jay Cutler: You won't be an elite QB until you can learn how to handle being pressured

2. Ted Cottrell: Resign

3. Wildcat Formation: Odds are, they ain't throwing it...

4. Browns: Sanitary conditions

5. Chargers: Fire Ted Cottrell


Well, that's it for this episode of Football Friday. I hope you enjoyed it.