Pavel Nedved's Replacement: The Solution to Juventus' Left Wing Crisis

Borna KolbadiCorrespondent IJune 16, 2011

AALBORG, DENMARK - JUNE 11:  Xherdan Shaqiri of Switzerland in action during the  UEFA European Under-21 Championship Group A match between Denmark and Switzerland at the Aalborg Stadium on June 11, 2011 in Aalborg, Denmark.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Since Pavel Nedved's retirement, Juventus haven't really found a player that comes anywhere near Furia Ceka's brilliance.

Nedved always played with great energy and was great when attacking and defending. He had great tactical understanding and had a magical touch on the ball. Other than his passing, shooting and defending attributes, Pavel was a true leader on the pitch.

Many doubted how Juventus would find a creator that could truly replace Zinedine Zidane and Luciano Moggi did just that. Now Juventus is facing a new dilemma, replacing Nedved is proving to be a harder task than many expected.

Jorge Martinez was brought in from Catania to do that but he only has some of the flair for the position and nothing else. Martinez showed that he has little tactical knowledge, is dreadful at defending and does not have enough energy.

Simone Pepe is somewhat the opposite of Martinez, he has great energy and defending abilities, but lacks on about everything else.

The 2011-12 season is going to be the last chance for Giuseppe Marotta, the sports manager and general manager of Juventus, to prove he is worthy of a position in The Old Lady.

Juventus have been linked with many players such as Michel Bastos, Eljero Elia and Nani. Nani and Elia both lack the defensive understanding needed to play in the Juventus left wing. Michel Bastos is a great winger, but is inconsistent and looked lazy defensively this season.

If Marotta is going to take a risk in bringing in such players, why not bring in a player that has similar characteristics to the wingers mentioned above and is also younger and cheaper? 

Xherdan Shaqiri, 19, came into the spotlight when he scored against England in a Euro 2012 qualifier back in September, but he really has been putting in some great, consistent performances since he started playing for FC Basel's youth team.

Shaqiri is a left-footed player, who can play on both wings and also as a full back. He is very energetic and has a brilliant touch on the ball. He is versatile and is great while defending and attacking. He is a first team player in FC Basel and is also an important player for the Switzerland national team.

Shaqiri can shoot, pass and dribble the ball brilliantly. He is bulky and strong, but also extremely fast and agile and his only weakness is his height (5'5" or 168 cm).

Shaqiri has a never-say-die attitude and is also a great leader at his young age. Don't all these attributes remind you of Nedved?

At an estimate value of €8-12 million for a player that can become a first-team player for years to come and would possible be worth around €25 million after a few of seasons, Shaqiri would be a long-term investment, which could possibly solve the left wing crisis at Juventus for the next 10 years.